Janwuine, or "One of Greatness,"[1] was a Gand title bestowed upon the most successful and famous members of their species. This title was granted to a Gand after that individual underwent the janwuine-jika. The title of Janwuine granted the Gand the right to refer to his- or herself with the pronouns "I" and "me," as that Gand was deemed to be so great that it was a reasonable presumption that everyone would know that Gand's name.[2]

To deem if a Gand was worthy enough to be named janwuine, the Elders of Gand would send the ruetsavii—a group of Gands who were renowned through their own accomplishments and deemed fit to judge the acts of others—to observe and chronicle that Gand's activities.[2] If the Gand passed the ritual janwuine-jika, the individual would be granted the title of janwuine and the Gand's mate be selected by the race.[3]

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