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"Much like master and apprentice, two blades are. One can sharpen and improve the other."

Jar'Kai was a method of utilizing two lightsabers in combat. Asajj Ventress[3] and Ahsoka Tano[4] were two notable practitioners of Jar'Kai, preferring to use two lightsabers as opposed to one. The cyborg General Grievous had been outfitted with arms that could split in half, enabling him to hold four lightsabers.[5] The Besalisk fallen Jedi Pong Krell took advantage of his four arms to use his own variant of Jar'Kai, to great effect, simultaneously wielding two double-bladed lightsabers in combat against his own clone troopers on Umbara.[6] The renegade Sith Lord Maul took to using Jar'Kai after claiming the Darksaber from Pre Vizsla. Darth Sidious was proficient in this style, using both his primary and backup weapons against Maul and Savage Opress on Mandalore. Maul once again wielded part of his bisected lightsaber alongside the Darksaber against his former master, but was defeated.[2]

Padawan Anakin Skywalker employing Jar'Kai against Count Dooku.

Although not necessarily masters or regular users of the technique, it was not uncommon for Jedi to use the lightsaber of a downed or fallen comrade in conjunction with their own. Notable cases included Obi-Wan Kenobi, who utilized both his own weapon and Quinlan Vos’ lightsaber, while holding it backwards after taking it from Todo 360 before he could kill him with it against Cad Bane, and that of Adi Gallia to duel Darth Maul and later defeat Savage Opress on Florrum;[7] Anakin Skywalker, who used a spare green lightsaber as well as Kenobi's spare blue lightsaber during his first duel with Count Dooku on Geonosis,[8] used the lightsaber of his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, with his own against Cad Bane and two super battle droids on a Munificent-class star frigate in the Devaron System in order to rescue her,[9] used Luminara Unduli’s lightsaber with his own against dead Geonosian warriors on a rescue in the Progate Temple, Barriss Offee's lightsaber with his own in a duel at the Jedi Temple against a fallen Barriss Offee, who wielded both of Asajj Ventress' lightsabers,[10] and used Dooku's lightsaber with his own lightsaber to execute Dooku after a final duel with him on the Invisible Hand;[5] Kit Fisto, who used his former Padawan Nahdar Vebb's lightsaber against General Grievous;[1] and Kanan Jarrus, who used his apprentice, Ezra Bridger's lightsaber against the Grand Inquisitor on the Sovereign.[11] Kanan also demonstrated his proficiency while dueling the Temple Guards on Lothal.[12]

During the skirmish on Dathomir, Ezra Bridger wielded the Darksaber alongside his own lightsaber to destroy the altar of the Nightsister spirits.[13]

After Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, he continued to use Jar'Kai on various occasions to deadly perfection. On Mustafar, he used a smuggler's lightsaber, which was Force pulled from the smuggler whom Vader used with his own to finish off the last remaining droid in Lady Corvax's sanctum.[14] Another time, Vader used his weapon with one of Darth Atrius' lightsabers against a group of thugs who Sana Starros had hired to keep the Imperials off her back, he utilized both lightsabers to kill all of the thugs.[15]

Ahsoka wielded two lightsabers during the Clone Wars.

During his mission to Rodia, Luke Skywalker attempted to use Jar'Kai when he battled a Ghest using Jedi Knight Huulik's lightsaber and his own. Luke was successful in slaying the beast but admitted it was from "panicked reflexes and really good weapons."[16]

Those with exceptional combative application could wield a normal lightsaber in conjunction with a longer melee weapon, be it a bladed staff or a double-bladed lightsaber. The Grand Inquisitor displayed some knowledge to an extent, using his own double bladed lightsaber along with the temporarily claimed Jarrus' against a large fyrnock at Fort Anaxes.[17] Maul disguised his last double-bladed weapon as a walking stick before detaching the wooden element and wielding them separately to fight three Inquisitors on Malachor.[18] Kylo Ren snatched a vibro-voulge from a slain Elite Praetorian Guard, briefly using it along with his crossguard lightsaber as he and Rey waged a long, grueling battle against overwhelming numbers.[19] Cal Kestis employed the use of Jar'Kai during his quest intermittently with his other two preferred forms of combat as a method to keep his enemies confused and at bay.[20]

To finally defeat a resurrected Darth Sidious once and for all, Rey briefly used Jar'Kai, via Skywalker's lightsaber and Leia's lightsaber, to deflect his Force Lightning right back at him.[21]


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