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"You almost got us killed. Are you brainless?"
―Qui-Gon Jinn[3]

Jar Jar Binks was the first Gungan to represent his people in the Galactic Senate, first serving as a Junior Representative along with Senator Padmé Amidala, and then, after her death, serving as full Senator himself. Like most Gungans, Binks was lanky and spoke Basic with a unique accent. Being naïve and clumsy, Jar Jar Binks contributed greatly to the fall of the Galactic Republic. He was a General, Representative, and later a Senator.

Binks was also one of Qui-Gon Jinn's companions during the Invasion of Naboo, traveling to distant worlds such as Tatooine and Coruscant, an activity not taken up by many Gungans. On his return to Naboo, he served as a Bombad General for a short while in the Gungan Grand Army, and was a joint commander of the Battle of the Great Grass Plains with General Ceel. Binks later helped his people colonize the nearby Naboo moon Ohma-D'un. During his career as Junior Representative, he acted as Amidala's proxy and proposed giving Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers in order to deal with the Separatist Crisis. Binks would continue his public service even after the death of Amidala, taking her place as Senator of the Chommell sector in the newly-reformed Imperial Senate.


Early life

A young Binks with his father, George

Born to George R. Binks and his wife in Otoh Gunga, Jar Jar Binks, was raised in his family traditions to be a great whaler as his ancestors had been for hundreds of years. Due to his clumsiness and ineptitude, however, Binks was never able to become what his father had wanted him to be. Once, while on an expedition to hunt a whale in the southernmost seas of Naboo, George ordered his son to hold the wheel steady; Binks, however, let go. This caused their ship to crash into the whale which resulted in the ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean.[9]

A month later, George Binks, his wife, and Jar Jar were all stranded on a desert island. When Binks offered to swim for help—a task which would have taken fifty years if it was possible at all—George Binks first called him a fool, telling him that he would be eaten within a day, but then realized this would result in Jar Jar Binks death and told him that it was a good idea. Binks was about to jump into the water when George's wife reprimanded him and stopped George from allowing him to do so. Unable to take it anymore George lamented over what could have been; he called his son an imbecile and attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself with his blaster pistol but only grazed his head, resulting in it not being lethal. Though what happened to George and his wife is unknown, Binks later found his way back to Otoh Gunga.[9]

Life in Otoh Gunga

"You were banished because you were clumsy?"
―Obi-Wan Kenobi[3]

Banished in all of Otoh Gunga's schools and not able to turn to his parents for guidance, Binks hopped between job after job throughout his youth. His clumsiness inevitably got him fired before sunset. Once, Binks was working as a street-side shudderup musician when a passerby paid him money to stop the music. That is when he was discovered by local lawbreaker Roos Tarpals.[1]

Tarpals was the leader of a small band of young thieves. Binks was given the job of distracting security patrols while Tarpals and his gang pulled off various scams. Unlike the other thieves, Tarpals treated Binks like a valued team member and a friend. This friendship ended when Tarpals enlisted in the Gungan Grand Army. The band soon scattered and Binks again began searching for his place in life. Fortunately, Boss Rugor Nass, ruler of Otoh Gunga, arranged new employment for Binks, partly out of respect for his parents, and partly on the request of now-Captain Tarpals. When Binks accidentally freed all of the animals in the Otoh Gunga Zoo Nass sentenced Binks to six months of hard labor in the Quarry penal colony.[1]

Boss Rugor Nass banishes Jar Jar Binks

Nass commuted the sentence when Binks saved him from drowning in an out-of-control Bongo. Binks also saved the life of Nass's niece, Major Fassa. Fassa pledged a life debt to Binks who was embarrassed by her devotion, but excited about a chance at romance. He was both disappointed and relieved when Boss Nass revoked the life debt on a technicality.[10]

Later, Boss Nass threw a lavish party at his mansion and gave Binks a job in the kitchen. However, Binks destroyed the gasser oven. The explosion cracked the bubble wall and flooded the party. Binks tried to save Boss Nass's luxury heyblibber, but ended up crashing it instead. Boss Nass was outraged, and decided that he had had enough. In the Gungan High Council Chamber of Judgment, Nass, along with his peers, invoked the Nocombackie Law, banishing Binks and preventing him from ever returning to Otoh Gunga upon pain of death. Binks tried to hide in Otoh Gunga but Captain Tarpals found him in Chef Brass Marshoo's restaurant scrounging for scraps. Tarpals apprehended him and prepared to take him to the surface, however, he was ambushed by Marshoo and several thugs. Tarpals was knocked out in the scuffle, but Binks saved him. The hapless Gungan pleaded with Tarpals for clemency, but was ignored. Tarpals then escorted Binks to the shores of the Lianorm Swamp, the place of Binks's banishment.[11]

Blockade of Naboo

Meeting the Jedi

"I spake."
"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here."
―Jar Jar and Qui-Gon Jinn[3]

Qui-Gon Jinn saves Binks's life.

One day in 32 BBY,[12] Binks went out foraging for food, when he stumbled across OOM-9's Trade Federation invasion force. Panicking, he bumped into Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, an ambassador who had been sent to resolve the crisis between the Naboo and the Federation. Jinn tackled Binks to the ground and held him there to prevent them both from getting crushed by a Multi-Troop Transport that was passing by. As a result of this life-saving act, Binks, despite being an outcast, adhered to the Gungan principle of a life debt and insisted on following Jinn, much to the Jedi's annoyance. Both Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, needed to contact Queen Amidala in Theed, but had no way of reaching her. Binks suggested that they go to Otoh Gunga, his old home, but quickly regretted mentioning it. The Jedi persuaded him to take them there, but Binks rightly feared for his life.[3]

The two Jedi escorted Binks past twenty battle droids and a half-built droid camp. Binks panicked and ran off, leaving the Jedi to Force Jump up mushrooms to reach the top of the tree and the nearby plateaus, which they traversed, eventually moving into a cave, where they faced a Slaatik hagworm. After defeating the hagworm, they then rejoined Binks and continued their journey.[13]

Binks meets Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Upon reaching Otoh Gunga, Binks was arrested by his old friend, Tarpals, and brought before Nass, the former also telling Binks upon arresting him that he was in "big doo-doo thisa time." The Jedi bartered with Nass, and persuaded him to provide them with transportation to Theed. Following that, Nass sentenced Binks to death, but Jinn quickly interceded, citing that Binks's life belonged to him, due to the Gungan life debt system. Nass had Binks freed and sent along with the Jedi to Theed. Binks was dismayed over the fact that he had to tag along with the Jedi, but he figured that he had a higher chance of survival with them than in Otoh Gunga.[3]

Upon reaching Federation-occupied Theed, the central bridge across the river was blasted apart by an Armored Assault Tank, cutting the city off from other regions and separating the group. Kenobi eventually met back up with Jinn and Binks.[14] Binks watched as the Jedi rescued the Queen, and escorted her to safety. Jinn convinced the Queen to go to Coruscant, to plead her case to the Senate, a choice that would result in Binks leaving the planet for the very first time. While the Queen's ship got past the Federation blockade of the planet, it sustained mild damage, and lost its hyperdrive capacity, leaving it only enough power to reach Tatooine, the only planet in the area devoid of Federation presence.[3]

Beyond Naboo

"This sun doin' murder to mesa skin…"
―Jar Jar Binks[3]

Binks being bullied by Sebulba

Upon reaching Tatooine, Jinn, Binks, Amidala (disguised as a handmaiden), and R2-D2 ventured into the city of Mos Espa in search of new parts for the ship. They came across Watto's Shop, which had the parts they needed. However, they had no way of purchasing them, due to the Republic Credit's lack of use in backwater planets like Tatooine. At Watto's Shop, they encountered a young boy, Anakin Skywalker. After leaving the shop, Binks crossed paths with Sebulba, a thug who threatened to beat Binks to a pulp after an incident where Binks inadvertently ruined his meal by spitting out a Gorg that he attempted to eat before learning from Gragra that the Gorg cost seven wupiupi. Only the timely intervention of Skywalker saved him. Skywalker was but a poor slave, nonetheless, he offered the group shelter and hospitality when they were caught in a sandstorm. At his home, they discovered that he had a talent for podracing, which Skywalker thought would be a good way for Jinn and Amidala to get the money required for the new hyperdrive.[3]

Binks was more than willing to help in the enterprise, offering to perform maintenance on Skywalker's podracer. Whether or not his efforts were of any help was irrelevant (having once gotten his hand stuck in one of the compressors of the engines of Skywalker's podracer, as well as inadvertently causing his tongue to go numb from making contact with the energy binders while getting up to retrieve a wrench he dropped); Skywalker appreciated the assistance. On the day of the Boonta Eve Classic Race, Binks continued to assist, and observed the race from a special platform reserved for the racer's family and friends. Binks was thrilled when Skywalker won, mostly at the prospect of being able to leave the inhospitable Tatooine.[3]

If Binks was taken aback by Tatooine, nothing could prepare him for Coruscant. A sprawling ecumenopolis, Binks was out of his depth in the capital, and understandably retreated to the sidelines of the political action taking place. He stayed at Senator Palpatine's apartments in the 500 Republica, eagerly awaiting the chance to return home. The chance came when Amidala was refused aid in the Senate, and decided to take matters into her own hands. She formulated a plan, based on Binks's mention of a Gungan Grand Army, and decided to take the fight to the Federation.[3]


"So, wesa make you 'Bombad General'."
"General?! (faints)"
―Boss Nass and Jar Jar Binks[3]

General Binks on his kaadu mount

Upon returning to Naboo, Binks discovered that Otoh Gunga had been evacuated due to a major battle. He knew of the Gungan Sacred Place however, and took the Queen there. Upon meeting Nass, she made an alliance with him, unifying the Gungan and the Naboo people after years of bitter hatred and isolation. He was also shocked when Padmé, the supposed handmaiden to Queen Amidala, had revealed herself to in fact actually be Queen Amidala herself. Nass was most pleased with the new alliance, and attributed it all to Binks, much to the latter's embarrassment. As a "reward," Nass appointed Binks as joint commander of the Gungan Grand Army, giving him the rank of Bombad General–a decision that made him faint with shock. Shortly after the promotion, Amidala revealed her plan: The Gungan Grand Army would draw OOM-9's army out of Theed, leaving the capital relatively unprotected. She and her task-force, along with the Jedi, would first liberate the Theed Hangar, allowing pilots to take their starfighters and attack the Droid Control Ship, hopefully deactivating all of the droids in the Federation droid army. Then, her task force would enter the Palace and capture the Federation Viceroy, Nute Gunray.[3]

General Binks at the head of his army

Binks led the army out to the Great Grass Plains, where, on General Ceel's order, they would wait for OOM-9. The battle droid commander did not disappoint, and attacked the Gungans. They held up a solid defense against the mechanized army, but sheer numbers overwhelmed them, forcing Ceel to call for a retreat. During the chaos, Binks accidentally sent a cascading wave of energy balls into a pack of B1-Series battle droids and Armored Assault Tanks, which slowed the Federation advance for a while and allowed some Gungans to escape. However, Binks and his old friend, Tarpals, were rounded up and captured. Shortly after their capture, however, young Anakin Skywalker, who had accompanied them from Tatooine, destroyed the Droid Control Ship, deactivating the droids. The Gungans rejoined, knocking over the limp droids and celebrating.[3]

However, the victory was not without bitter loss. Jinn, Binks's savior and friend, had died at the hands of the Sith Lord Darth Maul, releasing Binks from his life debt, and many Gungans had fallen at Grassy Plains. But their deaths were not in vain. Amidala had succeeded in her mission and had re-taken Naboo. After attending Jinn's funeral, Binks joined in the celebrations and looked forward to a new era of peace.[3]

Following the resolution of the Naboo crisis, Jar Jar Binks became involved with the restoration of peace on the planet. With the help of a precocious Jedi youngling, General Binks set up traps in the Sacred Forest for the last operational battle droids.[15] As a key player in the reconciliation between the two cultures of Naboo, Jar Jar Binks participated in the Victory Races; mounted on a kaadu, he competed against his friend, Queen Amidala, who rode a tusk cat."[15]

Political debuts

"Perhaps it is time you were promoted to a role that befits a Gungan of your… unique abilities. How does Junior Representative for Naboo in the Senate sound?"
"A senator? Mesa?! Oie moole moole! Tanken yousa berry much, Mistah Palpatine, Sir! Mesa luv yous!"
―Palpatine and Binks[16]

Representative Binks

In the months that followed the liberation of his home planet from the Trade Federation's clutches, Binks remained in the closest entourage of his new friend, Queen Amidala. Having resigned from the Gungan Grand Army, he resided at the Naboo Royal Palace. During his stay in Theed, Binks had long discussions with the queen, who told him of the reasons why she had entered the political arena. Those intense conversations sparkled a newfound and naive enthusiasm for politics in the Gungan's mind, and he decided to follow that path too. Having learned the nuances and language of politics, Binks became a Rep on the Otoh Gunga High Council led by Boss Nass. In order to achieve that, the Gungan had not hesitated to play on his former position in the Grand Army, proving himself shrewder than many of his detractors thought. After a short term, he was promoted to the position of Gungan Ambassador to Theed, although his detractors hinted he might in fact have been put out of harm's way by doing so.[6]

In 23 BBY, Ambassador Binks took a brief break from politics; at Chancellor Palpatine's request, he moved to the Naboo Embassy on Coruscant, where he was to fill the position of Security Advisor to Captain Gregar Typho. One day, a group of heavily armed assassins tied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems infiltrated the embassy, which the Chancellor was to visit, disguised as cooks. By a happy concurrence of circumstances, Binks managed to foil the assassins while Typho was incapacitated. In order to thank Binks for his role in stopping the assassination attempt, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine appointed him as the new Associate Planetary Representative for Naboo in the Galactic Senate, to the Gungan's intense delight.[16] As such, he would represent Naboo in the congress in the absence of Amidala,[17] who had finished her terms as queen and succeeded Horace Vancil as head of the Naboo Senatorial Delegation.[18] His people awarded him the Amulet of Trust, an artifact found at the Gungan Sacred Place, as a symbol of office.[17]

Despite his sheer honesty and the hard work he had done to achieve his position, Representative Binks remained as clumsy as ever, to the point that he became a priority target for those who wanted to ridicule the reformist senators. During the opening ceremony of the Endangered Shreebird Aviary, the Gungan accidentally deactivated the force-field dome that contained the rare creatures, repeating his legendary goof at the Gungan Municipal Zoo years earlier. While attending an important fundraising gala in the Jrade Plaza, Binks provoked another disaster while trying to mimick the table manners of his colleague Orn Free Taa of Ryloth. Having tucked the tablecloth into his ceremonial robes, Binks dived while trying to catch a handful canapés spilled by a passing waiter. By doing so, the Gungan pulled the tablecloth violently, destroying a priceless ice sculpture of the famous artist Kime Enanrum in the process. The priceless artifact was so completely destroyed that it seemed to be snowing in Jrade Plaza for a few hours. Only a few weeks later, Representative Binks caused a level-five security alert at a fundraiser for the Refugee Relief Movement when he inexplicably vanished from sight. It turned out the Gungan had accidentally locked himself in the building's cloakroom. Despite his legendary disasters, Binks was often invited at galas and other social events, in part because his presence guaranteed good media coverage.[6] Some journalists, however, were genuinely fond of him. Even the usually ferocious and critical Dyslogia Twang admittedly appreciated Binks' gentle sincerity, and he even praised the Gungan's fashion acumen.[19] In that same year 23 BBY, Binks appeared in his capacity of representative on the HoloNet talk program In the Political Pit.[20]

Clone Wars

"It's a clear desa Separatists made a pact witha desa Federation du Trade. Senators! Dellow felegates! In response to this direct threat to the Republic, mesa propose that the Senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor!"
―Representative Jar Jar Binks[7]

Representative Binks in the Senate

In 22 BBY, before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Senator Amidala was forced to go into hiding following a series of assassination attempts. As his duty commanded, Representative Binks stood in for her in the Senate. He was "busten wit happiness" to be reunited with two old friends who had been assigned to protect Amidala: Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padawan Anakin Skywalker. In Amidala's absence, however, Binks was easily manipulated by more experienced politicians, and as they preyed on his innocence, they convinced him that the creation of an army for the Republic was a course of action that Amidala would have taken. In fact, the creation of an army was exactly what Amidala had been fighting against. Feeling that it was his duty to act in her stead, he suggested that the Senate give Supreme Chancellor Palpatine the emergency powers required to create a Grand Army of the Republic. The motion passed, and soon afterwards, with the First Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars began.[7]

Mission to Toydaria

Representative Binks distracts Senator Lott Dod with a conceptual work of art.

Binks met up with Senator Bail Prestor Organa on Toydaria, a neutral planet, to ask King Katuunko if the Republic could use the planet as a supply staging base to get relief to the Twi'leks of Ryloth. Organa and Binks are granted an audience with the king and his council, but negotiations are complicated by the arrival of Lott Dod, the Senate representative of the Trade Federation. Organa and Binks stressed their humanitarian intentions in the matter, but Dod pointed out that by agreeing to deliver supplies to Ryloth, it would be aiding Republic troops, and with Toydaria having declared strict neutrality in this war, it would destroy their neutrality. After thorough consideration, Katuunko officially denies the Republic their rights to a base on Toydaria, but afterwards he secretly met Organa and Binks and tells them that the humanitarian factor had actually gained his favor. He agreed to load the supply ships they already had at the time with with a preliminary supply of provisions if Organa could keep the involvement of Toydaria secret. Organa protested, as the supplies would only aid the Twi'leks for a few days, but the king said this was the best he could supply. Knowing these supplies were better than none at all, the Senator created a plan to have Binks distract Dod and his aide during a banquet, which he did with extraordinary skill, while Organa supervised the loading of the relief supplies.[21]

The plan was successful, but when Organa and Binks were bid farewell by Katuunko, Dod protested that they had broken the agreement, as he learns of supply ships slipping through the blockade around Ryloth, a claim for which Organa demanded proof. Unable to give any, Dod left furious. However, before the diplomats departed, Katuunko announced that in the light of these events Toydaria may reconsider its stance of neutrality.[21]

Negotiations on Rodia

"I think Jar Jar's dead, Threepio."
"Oh, not again."
―Padmé Amidala and C-3PO believing Jar Jar to be dead — (audio) Listen (file info)[22]

Binks on Rodia

While preparing to leave Coruscant on a mission, swindlers Dannl Faytonni and Achk Med-Beq, on the run from the Senate Guard, attempted to trick Amidala's skiff out of Binks and C-3PO to escape. However, after Binks accidentally switched the gravity on the platform, Threepio forgot to disengage the autopilot, and the two swindlers were unknowingly sent back to the Senate. Amidala arrived, and the three took the yacht to Rodia.[23]

The three arrived on Rodia, and Amidala went to see her old friend, Senator Onaconda Farr. While Amidala went to ensure Rodia's allegiance to the Republic, Binks tried to communicate with jungle natives, and in response, a fruit was flung at C-3PO. However, Amidala was captured by Nute Gunray, still holding a grudge from the disastrous Invasion of Naboo, and Gunray had promised to help Farr if Amidala was captured. After B1-Series battle droids and a crab droid attacked Binks and Threepio, they knew that Amidala was in trouble. However, Binks accidentally destroyed their yacht in the attack, and with no means of communication to the Republic, the two were forced to rescue Amidala.[22]

After finding Anakin Skywalker's Jedi cloak, Binks put it on, and he was later mistaken for a Jedi by the battle droids. After falling down a grate, Binks was presumed dead by Threepio, who informed Amidala after he escaped. However, Binks was still alive, and after being chased by a Kwazel Maw, he attempted to rescue Amidala, not knowing she had already escaped. After Amidala glimpsed him, Binks fell into the water again. However, this time, a B2 super battle droid deployed thermal detonators to destroy the "Jedi". Binks ran into the Kwazel Maw again, but was able to befriend it, and named it "Bogey". Threepio, meanwhile, had been sent to contact the Republic, but after getting a short message through, he was arrested. He and Amidala were cornered by Gunray and several droidekas, while Farr watched helplessly. Binks appeared just in time, and Boogie attacked the droids. Amidala cornered Gunray, and after Farr declared Rodia's allegiance to the Republic, several Venator-class Star Destroyers arrived, Commander Gree having got Threepio's message, and Gunray was taken away.[22]

After Skywalker learned that his wife had been in trouble, he ordered his Padawan Ahsoka Tano to accompany Master Luminara Unduli in the transfer of Gunray.[24] However, after a short battle aboard their cruiser, Gunray was rescued by Asajj Ventress and the traitorous Senate Guard Captain Faro Argyus.[25]

Dooku's capture

"He's probably going to get himself killed."
"Don't worry. He's smarter than he looks."
―A clone trooper and Commander Stone on Jar Jar Binks — (audio) Listen (file info)[26]

Binks rides a skalder on Florrum.

Binks was later given a mission by Chancellor Palpatine to pay a ransom for the trade of Dooku to the Republic. He and Senator Kharrus left for Florrum on a shuttle with the ransom of one-million credits in spice. The ship was shot down by the same pirates they were supposed to pay the ransom to. When the attack started, the senator tied down Binks in a seat belt, but when the ship crashed the senator was thrown around and died. The ship was split in two and the pirates attacked with speeders. The clones on board and Binks had no choice but to retreat into a nearby geyser. The geyser started to erupt and they climbed out just in time. Binks realized that by observing skalder behavior around the geysers, they will know when an eruption was imminent, and can take cover in the geysers and time their escape. The pirates took the money and ran. The rescue team needed to get to them but had no way to.[26]

Binks had the idea to use the skalder in the area as mounts and they quickly found the pirate base and reclaimed the money. The clones spotted pirate tanks and the Representative went to "negotiate" with them. He climbed on one of WLO-5 speeder tanks and knocked out the driver, and activated the continuous fire button on the cannon. Binks tried to control the cannon but fired it in random directions. One shot hit another tank and it crashed into a power coupling, knocking out power for the base. Another tank hit the tank Binks was on and destroyed it. One shot from Binks's tank destroyed that one. The angry pirates prepared to kill him, but the clones came out of hiding and secured the area. They entered the pirate base and found Skywalker with his lightsaber to the pirate leader's throat and Kenobi ready to block any retaliation. The clones and Binks brought Skywalker's ship, the Twilight, behind them. They climbed out and released the leader. Clones and pirates prepared to fire on each other but the pirate leader stopped it before someone was hurt. The Jedi, the clones, and Binks left, mission accomplished.[26]

The Blue Shadow Virus

"Yousa not creating life, yousa taking life. Yousa poisoned the Gungan water!"
―Jar Jar Binks to Nuvo Vindi[27]

Jar Jar Binks, with C-3PO during the Clone Wars

When Captain Gregar Typho found a couple of droids in the grasslands, Binks accompanied Amidala to Naboo. While investigating the droids, Binks accidentally destroyed one of them because he was looking for a small animal that lived near the swamps. Amidala and Binks went to investigate. There, they were attacked by Peppi Bow, a female Gungan. She explained that there was something wrong with the water. They followed the stream and found a secret lab. Amidala asked for reinforcements, but they were quickly captured by Dr. Nuvo Vindi, who had been creating an airborne sample of the deadly Blue Shadow Virus, and his droids. Soon after, however, they were saved by Skywalker and the clones. Kenobi and Tano arrived soon after for impeding anyone release the virus. The doctor had created a set of bombs containing the virus, and if they exploded, the whole planet would be infected. Fortunately, the clones were able to deactivate them while Skywalker and Kenobi searched for Vindi.[27]

They found out that one of the bombs was missing but Binks found the droid that had stolen it and saved all of the people from Naboo. Amidala soon found out that one of the tubes with the virus was missing. The entire lab was covered with the virus and Tano and the clones were contaminated. Binks and Amidala, who were wearing protective suits, helped to destroy the rest of the droids, preventing the virus's escape. In an attempt to help, Binks wanted to shoot one of the droids but hit Amidala suit, thus contaminating Amidala as well. Luckily, Skywalker and Kenobi returned with a cure for the virus. While the contaminated were being removed, Kenobi told Binks that he had been very brave fending off the battle droids and that they might have him trained with a blaster. Binks was very excited.[28]

War on Dac

Following the assassination of the Mon Calamari King Yos Kolina, tensions broke out between the Mon Calamari and Quarren on the planet Dac. The Quarrens regarded Kolina's successor, Prince Lee-Char, as too inexperienced to rule. The Separatist Ambassador Riff Tamson, stirred up trouble between the Mon Calamari and Quarren. In response, the Republic sent Senator Amidala and the two Jedi Skywalker and Kit Fisto to mediate between the two parties. With Separatist backing, the Quarren overthrew the Dac government and waged war against the Mon Calamari and their Republic allies.[29]

In response to the outbreak of fighting on Mon Cala, the Republic sent Obi-Wan Kenobi to seek the help of Gungan reinforcements since the Gungans were an amphibious species. Binks successfully convinced the Gungan High Council to send the Gungan Grand Army to relieve Mon Cala. Binks and the Gungan reinforcements arrived just in time to render valuable aid to Skywalker, Amidala, and Lee Char. However, the Separatist Commander Tamson counter-attacked by using his Trident-class assault ships to create artificial whirlpools which disoriented the Gungan forces. During the fighting, Binks and the Gungan reinforcements were captured by Tamson's Separatist forces.[30]

Following their defeat, Representative Binks along with Skywalker, Amidala, and Kit Fisto were brought before Commander Tamson, who interrogated them about the whereabouts of Prince Lee Char. During the interrogation, Tamson cracked Amidala's faceplate but Binks was able to seal it with slime generated by his Gungan physiology. Meanwhile, Prince Lee Char and Anakin's Padawan Ahsoka succeeded in freeing the Mon Calamari prisoners and convincing the Mon Calamari and Quarrens to work together to drive out the Separatist invaders. During the ensuing battle, Binks and the other prisoners were rescued while Tamson was killed by Lee Char. Following the end of the fighting, Lee Char was recognized as the new King of Mon Cala by both the Mon Calamari and Quarren species.[31]

Conflict on Naboo

Later, there was a crisis on Naboo. Boss Lyonie was calling for the Gungan Grand Army to invade Theed. He was secretly under the sway of Separatist-allied minister Rish Loo. Binks summoned Skywalker and Amidala to meet with him, and brought them before Lyonie. Skywalker realized Lyonie was mind-controlled by a necklace, and Force-yanked it off. Lyonie then confronted Loo and was stabbed, while Loo ran from Otoh Gunga and tried to rally the army with news of Lyonie's demise.[32]

Amidala noticed Binks bore a resemblance to Boss Lyonie and had him assume his identity. "Lyonie" was able to call off the Grand Army, but General Grievous arrived. Binks continued his masquerade to buy time for General Tarpals to sabotage Grievous' droid guards. Binks fled from Grievous' ship in time to view the duel between two Generals. Tarpals sacrificed himself to defeat the Separatist leader. Binks was later present when the Gungans traded General Grievous for Skywalker, who had been captured by Count Dooku. Queen Neeyutnee then thanked Binks for resolving another crisis between Naboo's two species, as he had done years earlier.[32]

Mission to Bardotta

Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu on Bardotta

Following the near civil war on Naboo, Representative Jar Jar Binks was called upon by the Galactic Republic to deal with a new crisis on the planet Bardotta. Several Dagoyan Masters had mysteriously disappeared. There was a prophecy that if the Masters were not returned, a great darkness would descend on the planet. Distrusting the Jedi Order for inducting Bardottan children, Queen Julia had requested a special meeting with Binks to discuss the crisis. Despite the Queen's request that Binks travel to Bardotta alone, the Jedi Master Mace Windu suspected something was afoot and accompanied Binks by posing as his servant.[33]

Binks met with the Queen but she was kidnapped during the meeting. In response, the remaining Dagoyan Masters convened the Bahk-tov Council, where High Seneschal Peteen informed them of a prophecy that if the queen was not found within three rotations, she would be gone forever and an era of darkness would descend on the galaxy. Binks and Windu also learnt from another Council member named Savatte that the prophecy originated from the malevolent Frangawl Cult, whose shrine to the demon Malmourral was underneath the Dagoyan temple. While exploring the catacombs below the temple, Binks was captured by a Frangawl cultist, who blew a glowing powder into his face which temporarily made him invisible.[33]

The cult members placed Binks in a cage suspended above a lava pit where he found the other captured Dagoyan masters, who informed him that they were to be sacrificed to Malmourral. Binks managed to contact Master Windu with his comlink and transmit his location. However, the Frangawl cult leader discovered it and had it destroyed. Binks also encountered Julia who revealed that the Frangawl cultists were stealing the Force from the Dagoyan masters. The Frangawl cultists then attempted to sacrifice Binks himself. However, Master Windu arrived and managed to fight off the cult members and free Binks. Unfortunately, the cult leader escaped the planet with the Queen in a starship. In response, Binks vowed to rescue Queen Julia with the help of Master Windu.[33]

While traveling through space, Binks recounted to Master Windu how he had witnessed the cultists sacrificing one of the Dagoyan Masters and extracting the Living Force from his body which they stored in the Bardottan Sphere. Based on this information, Windu deduced that the cultists would extract the Living Force from Queen Julia herself and used his Force powers to track her location. Their travels took them to a market square on the moon Zardossa Stix. Amidst the crowd, Binks caught up with the screaming Julia but found himself cornered by several of the cultists. Binks managed to flee his pursuers and tried to pursue the group with the captive Queen. During the ensuing chaos, Windu saved Binks from being gunned down by a cultist armed with a EWHB-12 heavy repeating blaster.[34]

Continuing their pursuit, Binks and Windu were set upon by an animal trainer and his two gundarks. During the fray, the trainer relieved Windu of his lightsaber using his whip. Binks then punched the trainer and retrieved the lightsaber with his tongue, and returned it to the Jedi Master. Windu managed to stun one of the gundarks and to kill the other. Binks continued the pursuit but the cultists escaped in two speeders. After questioning the trainer, Binks and Windu continued their rescue mission on an eopie and dalgo. Meanwhile, the cultists arrived at a Zardossan temple where they were joined by the Nightsister Mother Talzin who wanted to sacrifice Queen Julia in order to steal her Force energy.[34]

After tangling with the temple's Stone guardians, Windu and Binks stormed the temple. While Windu and Mother Talzin fought, Binks used one of the stone guardian's weapons to blast the cult members and to free Queen Julia from her bonds. While Binks grappled with the cult leader, the planets aligned and a beam of energy blasted through a series of lenses. While the cult leader was killed by the blast of energy, Julia managed to push Binks out of harm's way. The Force sphere fell from its pedestal and shattered, releasing a powerful explosion. Binks along with Windu and Julia managed to survive this explosion and escape the temple. Following her rescue, Queen Julia thanked Binks and Windu and expressed hope that these events would lead to better understanding between the Bardottans and the Jedi.[34]

Galactic Empire

"It is such a tragedy. The Gungans are so peaceful, so cute and kind. Well, Jar Jar—I met him once. He's a bit annoying."
―Vaik'anna Silverlight during the time of the Galactic Civil War[35]

Binks at the funeral of Padmé Amidala

Jar Jar Binks continued to represent the Gungans in Naboo's senatorial delegation throughout the Clone Wars, though his accomplishments in politics were never as significant as his vote on the Military Creation Act. He had also apparently learned to keep his mouth shut after the "Emergency Powers" debacle, learning from his substantial mistake that had led to one of the bloodiest wars in galactic history. After the death of his friend and colleague Padmé Amidala, he was one of the chief mourners at her funeral on Naboo along with Boss Nass,[36] and succeeded her Senatorial position, representing the Chommell sector in the Imperial Senate beginning in 19 BBY.[37]

After the formation of the New Order, Binks was considered an ally of the new Emperor, and an Imperial HoloVision report shortly after the end of the Clone Wars mentioned that he had personally sent Senator Binks to an undisclosed location.[8]

He was succeeded in his post as Representative of Naboo in 6 BBY by Pooja Naberrie, by appointment from Queen Kylantha.[source?]

During the time of the Galactic Civil War, following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, a Twi'lek by the name of Vaik'anna Silverlight remarked to a spacer in Theed that she had met Jar Jar, and found him to be a bit annoying.[35]

Binks was alive and well in 6.5 ABY, and was present on Coruscant during its liberation from the Galactic Empire by troops of the New Republic. While he was never involved in this liberation, he was situated relatively close to some of the action.[38]

Personality and traits

"The ship has been destroyed."
"Battle droids?"
"Jar Jar?"
"Jar Jar."
C-3PO and Padmé Amidala after Binks accidentally destroys her starship — (audio) Listen (file info)[22]

Binks demonstrating his clumsiness

Jar Jar Binks was clumsier than most of his fellow Gungans, which was the reason why he was banished from Otoh Gunga. He would often explain his dislike, lashing out with his long tongue. Like all Gungans, he spoke with a peculiar Basic dialect, which sometimes made him hard to understand.[3] Despite his clumsiness, Binks used to be a keen dancer, and he was known to perform notably Deesco[39] and the Gungan Style.[40]

He often held a certain irreverence for his superiors—often making faces behind their backs, but he would still obey their orders. He was socially active, trying to communicate with sentients around him, and making new friends. He had some aptitude mechanically; he was able to perform maintenance on Anakin Skywalker's pod. As a diplomat, he helped unite the Gungans and the Naboo in 32 BBY. For that deed, he was promoted to general. He would lead the Gungan army against the battle droids, destroying many of them, even if sometimes by accident.[3] In other adventures during the course of the Clone Wars, Binks displayed hidden talents of intellect and improvisation despite his clumsiness and nervousness, contributing greatly to Republic victories on either diplomatic or special combat missions.

As a politician, Binks successfully represented the Gungans for several years, but when he had to take the role of senator, he was easily manipulated by Palpatine's cronies.[7] However, his dedication to his friends made him a very reliable associate and ally, whether it be on a diplomatic or combat mission.

Behind the scenes

"There is a group of fans for the films that doesn't like comic sidekicks. They want the films to be tough like Terminator, and they get very upset and opinionated about anything that has anything to do with being childlike."
―George Lucas[src]

Concept art of Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks was a computer-generated character, voiced by Ahmed Best,[3][7][36] who also provided the voice for the games Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing[41] and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.[42] Best reprised the role in a first season episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, however it was later assigned to BJ Hughes.[43] Best returned to voice the role in the third and fourth seasons with the episodes Supply Lines,[44] Gungan Attack and Shadow Warrior, as well as the sixth season's Disappeared story arc. During the filming of the prequel trilogy, Best appeared on set in costume to provide a reference point for the other actors and appeared partially on-screen in a few shots, such as the close-up of Jar Jar's hand getting stuck in Skywalker's podracer. Best also voiced Binks in 2006 for Star Wars creator George Lucas's entry into Stephen Colbert's "green screen challenge" for his show The Colbert Report,[45][46] and as a parody of the character in 2007 for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special.[47] The character's name came from Jett Lucas, son of George Lucas.[48]

During the early development stages of The Phantom Menace, George Lucas had first envisioned Jar Jar as an "talking, feeling, walking, running, falling, fainting bundle of amphibious comic relief."[49]

Many fans pinned their disappointments with The Phantom Menace on Jar Jar and his comedic antics, which they felt both fell flat on their targets and even offended some viewers.[50][51][52] Possibly as a result of fan hostility, Jar Jar's role in Attack of the Clones made him a pivotal part of the story, as the one who inadvertently helped Palpatine lay the foundations of the Galactic Empire, while minimizing his screen time.[7] His role in Revenge of the Sith was further reduced to two scenes and only two words.[36]

Many Star Wars fans express their distaste for the character of Binks in a variety of media. One such group of disgruntled viewers were prompted to create a fan film named "Jar Jar's Walking Papers," which depicts the death of Jar Jar.[53]

Jar Jar in carbonite, as seen at the Letterman Digital Arts Center

The Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace video game says that Binks was imprisoned upon his return to Otoh Gunga and Obi-Wan Kenobi rescued him before leaving together for Theed. This plot was invented to give an additional action in the Otoh Gunga mission, but the movie does not show that this event occurred, so this event is non-canon.[54]

In "Failing Up With Jar Jar Binks", Binks being elected after promising "no new taxes" is a reference to American president George H. W. Bush and his 1988 election promise of "no new taxes."

In the 2008 LucasArts game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, while playing on Imperial occupied Kashyyyk, there is a trophy of Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite on the wall of Ozzik Sturn's trophy room. It is flanked by mounted trophies of a Kowakian monkey-lizard head and a Dianoga eyestalk, both nods to Salacious B. Crumb and the trash compactor monster from Episode IV. The carbonite-encased Binks is a nod to a full-sized version that a fan made for one of the Star Wars Celebrations and is now located at the Letterman Digital Arts Center.[55]

Possible family

According to an ambiguously-canon Star Wars Tales comic book story, Binks's father, George R. Binks, in contrast to his son, was a dignified, intelligent character, who despairs at Binks's foolish antics.[9] His wife is assumed to have been the mother of Jar Jar Binks, although George married her because he knew she could bear him an heir, not because he had romantic feelings for her. Also, in the Infinities story Tantive IV, Abso Bar Binks claims to be the son of Binks.

Jar Jar Binks's fate

The Liberation of Coruscant mission of the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns game features a sprite identified as Jar Jar among the skyscrapers of Coruscant, seen only if the player decides to explore the whole game map with an air unit or by using cheat codes. This is a superficially canonical indication that Binks was alive and well, and living on Coruscant, during the New Republic era. It may also be only an "Easter egg" like many featured in the game, and thus dubiously canonical. (For example, Clone Campaigns features sprites of C-3PO and R2-D2 appear near a crashed escape pod on Tatooine during a Clone Wars-era mission.)[38]

In the Naboo celebration scene inserted into the end of the 2004-version of Return of the Jedi, several Gungans are seen taking part in the celebrations. One Gungan can be heard shouting "Wesa free!".[56] Some fans thought that this was Ahmed Best as Binks, but the voice actually belongs to Skywalker Sound editor Matthew Wood. Wood says he inserted the unscripted line as a joke, and Lucas liked it enough to leave in the final cut.[source?]

Speculations of antagonism

In late October 2015, a Reddit user by the name of "Lumpawarroo" published a theory speculating that Binks was originally written as a major antagonist of the series, as Darth Jar Jar, and a prominent collaborator with Palpatine, before being redacted from the villain's role due to the character's initial (and ongoing) negative reception. The post quickly became viral and received significant media coverage internationally by independent bloggers and major news outlets like The Guardian, The Washington Post, and The New York Times that included analysis of his actions in The Phantom Menace. Ahmed Best, who portrayed Jar Jar Binks in motion capture and voice, tweeted his thoughts on how it "feels good" when the truth comes out shortly after the theory gained widespread popularity.

Non-canon appearances

"Dexie, why everybody hate mesa?"
―Jar Jar Binks[57]

Jar Jar Binks and Roos Tarpals in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

He was elected to the position of senator on a "no new taxes" platform. During the Clone Wars, Binks was re-elected with wide popular approval, despite the fact that his opponent (another Gungan) brought up his record of clumsiness, political errors, and service in 'war.' His aides tried to convince him to run for President, and he may have been contacted by Darth Sidious. When contacted by Darth Sidious, he also somehow managed to convince Sidious to work for him.[58]

During his time in the Imperial Senate, "Senator Jar Jar Binks Commemorative Drinking Cups with Flexible Straws and 'Talking Action'" were produced, and were even available on worlds as distant as Tatooine.[59]

After Binks's retirement, he married and later fathered a son who they named Abso Bar Binks. He was a kind father and always tried to bring presents home to both his wife and children, but the presents were always confiscated by the Empire at checkpoints. This led his son to join the growing Rebellion and join the crew of the Tantive V.[60]

Binks makes a brief appearance in the special LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace, where he is in the Senate Building during an attack. The result of the attack led to Binks being hit with a blaster bolt and breaking into pieces, though his legs still ran around.

Binks can be seen in the Officers' Club on the planet Coruscant in the video game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. He has his name and the words "Gungan Style" above him. If you click on him he does the dance for the song "Gangnam Style" by PSY.[40]

LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

In LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Binks has three kids Jay Jay, Jee Jee and Jo Jo.[61]

Musical representation

Binks is represented musically by his own motif called Jar Jar's Theme.[62]


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