The Jaraana irstat was a Tarasin tribe that lived on the planet Cularin during the time of the Clone Wars.


The irstat was lead by the second eldest female, Irstat-Kes Mir'Liss, while Mother Morad'Ka, the tribes oldest female, was its spiritual leader. The Dark Jedi Raik Muun traveled to the village where the irstat lived during the Clone Wars, hoping to persuade Morad'Ka to help her release a dangerous creature that was imprisoned beneath Cloud Mountain. Morad'Ka refused, Muun left and set fire to the village the next day. However, the Heroes of Cularin were able to help put out the flames.[1]

Shortly afterward, the Jedi of the Almas Academy requested that the irstat give them permission to study the t'salak, the creature that Muun had been searching for. Morad'Ka agreed to let them and sent a message to the Zabrak Jedi Knight Nek Lawsirk, to tell him that he could come and collect the creature. However, Lawsirk had been captured by Muun, so she disguised herself as him and traveled to the Jaraana irtsat's village, to collect the creature herself.[2]



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