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"The Council entrusted Guardian Hold Six to me and… my friend, Aelan Kalder. Just another battle together, we said. And it was, at first."
―Jari Orez[src]

Jari Orez was a male Mirialan Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order who fought for the Galactic Republic alongside his friend Aelan Kalder during the Cold War.


During the Galactic War, Jari and Aelan joined the Guardian Hold Six on Corellia to battle against the Empire. While Jari was checking the sentries on Corellia, his friend attacked him when he was revealed to be Child of the Emperor. When Jari was forced to fight him, he sensed no darkness in him and that meant he could still be saved from the dark side.

When the Barsen'thor arrived to the planet to help Corellia, Jari instructed the Jedi Consular to destroy an Imperial factory on Corellia and prevent Aelan from leading chaos throughout the planet. Jari sensed that there was still good in Aelan and part of himself was still inside, trying to fight his way back from the dark side. When the Jedi was forced to fight Aelan and defeat him in a duel, Jari arrived and knelt over his dead friend that he cared for.


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