Jaris Affric was the High Lord of the Sarin sector during the Galactic Civil War,[1] and the Imperial governor of the planet Santarine. He controlled several corporate and criminal interests, and had considerable hereditary holdings throughout the Sarin sector.[3] Following the Battle of Yavin, Affric's loose interpretation of treason against the Empire[2] led him to employ the bulk of the Mantis Syndicate's bounty hunters on retainer, essentially using them as a personal army[1] to serve his own interests by posting bounties either personally,[2] or through the myriad of companies and organizations he controlled. Affric aimed the Mantis Syndicate at criminal organizations, pirate gangs, and Alliance to Restore the Republic units operating throughout the Sarin sector, especially those that directly opposed the High Lord.[3] A keen duellist, he frequently engaged the services of The Most Honourable Guild of Armourers to procure rare and ancient duelling swords and vibroblades.[1]

As the war in the Sarin sector escalated, Affric deployed the Mantis Syndicate in both regular combat and special operations, where they opposed both the Alliance and Churhee's Riflemen. However, as the war turned against the Empire, Affric began to run up a debt to the Mantis Syndicate, which was not tolerated by their leader, Lady Marina Mantis, who recalled her hunters. Affric protested loudly, then immediately defected to the newly established New Republic. Although he lost power and influence, Affric remained free.[3]


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