"General Kyte was the only one who reacted to [Lord Graemon's] entrance. As such, he's my prime suspect. With luck, he may panic and lead my Intelligence team to some of the others involved."
"Kyte won't panic. But he might think it wise to alert them.''"
―Admiral Gilad Pellaeon and High General Sutt Ramic[1]

Jaron Kyte was a Human male who served the Imperial Remnant as a general in 19 ABY. A senior officer in the defense hierarchy of the planet Muunilinst—financial center of the Remnant—he was also part of a conspiracy that revolved around a private agreement between the Braxant sector Moff, Vilim Disra, and Captain Zothip of the Cavrilhu Pirates. In exchange for money and tactical support, the pirates engaged in privateering for the Remnant while supplying them with SoroSuub Corporation Preybird-class starfighters from a production facility they had acquired. The Imperial Supreme Commander, Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, discovered the agreement and considered it treasonous, since it had not been conducted through official channels. He set out to investigate the conspiracy and soon discovered Kyte's involvement in supplying Imperial equipment and personnel to pirate gangs.


"But we have a pretty solid connection between General Kyte and someone who is definitely linked to the Cavrilhu Pirates. Kyte sent a transmission to the contact right after your meeting with the Muunilinst defense hierarchy eleven days ago. We're following it up."
―Commander Dreyf reports to Admiral Gilad Pellaeon[1]

Muunilinst, the planet on which Jaron Kyte was stationed

Jaron Kyte was a Human male who served in the Imperial Fleet. By 19 ABY, he had attained the rank of general and was stationed on the planet Muunilinst[1] in the Obtrexta sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] Kyte was one of the senior officers overseeing the defense of Muunilinst, which served as the financial capital of the Imperial Remnant under High General Sutt Ramic. From his position, Kyte was one of several high-ranking Imperial officials involved in a secret agreement between Moff Vilim Disra of the Braxant sector and Captain Zothip of the Cavrilhu Pirates. The arrangement consisted of the Cavrilhu Pirates supplying the Empire with SoroSuub Corporation Preybird-class starfighters from a production plant that they had acquired and reactivated. In exchange, the pirates received tactical assistance in the shape of clones drawn from sleeper cells that Grand Admiral Thrawn had established during his campaign against the New Republic ten years earlier. In addition, the pirates were hired to strike at New Republic shipping as privateers, using information that Disra had obtained from Imperial Intelligence reports. However, the agreement had not been processed through official channels, and the raiding targets were not chosen by Imperial High Command or Imperial Intelligence. Furthermore, the entire arrangement was kept secret from Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet.[1]

Kyte was responsible for supplying Imperial equipment and personnel to the Cavrilhu Pirates, and his role in the agreement brought him into contact with Lord Graemon, a banker on Muunilinst who funneled the funds from the Empire to the pirates. Kyte was also in contact with another individual who had a direct connection to the pirates, and any messages that needed to be relayed to the Pirates went through him. In 19 ABY, Kyte was summoned to a meeting in which he, High General Ramic, and the other four senior officers of the Muunilinst defense hierarchy met with Admiral Pellaeon. Pellaeon had proposed to make peace with the New Republic and had convinced the Moffs to agree to his plan. As part of the process, the Admiral was touring the Remnant's military installations and presenting the proposal to the senior officers, seeking their support and explaining his reasoning behind the need for a peace treaty. However, while on Muunilinst, Pellaeon had other business to attend to as well. He had learned of the arrangement between Disra and the Cavrilhu Pirates—although he did not know the identity of the pirate gang—and investigations by Intelligence officers under his command had uncovered financial records that had led him to Lord Graemon. Pellaeon suspected that a senior member of the Muunilinst defense setup was working with Graemon, so he invited the banker to the location of his meeting with the senior officials. As the officers discussed the peace treaty proposal, Graemon arrived. Kyte was shocked to see the banker and briefly allowed it to show on his face before recovering his composure. Pellaeon, watching the assembled officers for any signs of recognition toward Graemon from any of them, caught the involuntary movement and deduced that Kyte was in league with Graemon since he was the only officer in the room to react to the banker's presence.[1]

After Graemon was shown to a side room, Ramic inquired as to the banker's presence, and Pellaeon revealed the agreement to the assembled officers. He noted that some high-ranking officials were embezzling funds for their own personal gain, while others were guilty of supplying Imperial equipment and personnel to pirate gangs, acts that Pellaeon considered to be treasonous. Pellaeon deliberately looked at Kyte as he made the latter statement. Kyte realized that Pellaeon suspected he was involved in the conspiracy, and, after the meeting was concluded, the General sent a message to his contact with the Cavrilhu Pirates, warning them that Pellaeon may have discovered the arrangement. The transmission was subsequently intercepted by Intelligence agents led by Commander Dreyf, who reported the activity toPellaeon eleven days later.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Jaron Kyte was a capable officer who reached the rank of general and was assigned as a senior officer in the defense hierarchy of an important Imperial planet. He was not one to panic when faced with difficult situations, and he was able to maintain his composure and control his body language to a degree when surprised. However, on at least one occasion, he was unable to suppress his initial shock when caught unaware, allowing Admiral Pellaeon—who was looking for a reaction from Kyte—to see it clearly before he regained control. Although loyal to the Remnant, Kyte had no compunctions about operating outside official channels when the need arose, and he allied himself with Moff Disra rather than supporting the Supreme Commander of the Fleet, Pellaeon.[1]

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Jaron Kyte appeared in Specter of the Past, the first novel of Star Wars: The Hand of Thrawn Duology, written by Timothy Zahn and published in 1997.


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