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Jarson Andekers was a typical cocky, brash, shuttle pilot, the likes of which you would find in any starport in the galaxy. He was captured as a slave by Consolidations Unlimited, where he was only kept alive due to his mechanical skills. Due to these and his persuasive skills, he was able to convince Tarnta Bane from killing him outright. His skills, however, failed him when it came to Nuubsal the Hutt, the slaver in charge of the slave pens on the Tarnta's Fang, and he soon found himself on the top of the Hutt's List of People to Harm.

Due to this, he tried to keep as low a profile as he could so as not to draw attention to himself. While he was a slave, he became a close friend with Ch'thoqua, forming a bond within weeks. Both he and his newfound friend were anxious to escape, but would give that up if it meant they could harm their captors. Fortunately they were able to do both when Cermack Rustill boarded the ship, and managed to incite the two friends along with the other captives to riot. Shortly after this, the ship crashed on the planet Darstell 4 where he and his friend escaped in the city of Symt.

It is not known what happened to Jarson after this, but it is thought that he probably joined Ch'thoqua in his revenge against the Empire.


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