"You can come with me if you're useful."
"I'm very useful."
―Jas and Sinjir Rath Velus[1]

Jas Emari was a Zabrak female who worked as a bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War. She was present at the Battle of Endor and made the decision there to switch sides on the conflict and no longer work with the Galactic Empire. She was the niece of bounty hunter Sugi who was active during the Clone Wars. Jas was present on Akiva when the Imperial Future Council met on the planet. She then worked with others to take down multiple Imperial targets to collect a large bounty. During the Rebellion on Akiva, Jas joined a misfit rebel cell consisting of Norra Wexley, her son Temmin Wexley, his B1-series battle droid Mister Bones, and the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus.

After the events on Akiva, she joined forces with Norra's team to hunt down Imperial fugitives on behalf of the New Republic. Struggling to pay her aunt's debts, Jas pretended to betray her companions during a mission to capture Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde on Vorlag. Following a heated argument with her teammates, Jas fell in love with the New Republic Special Forces soldier Jom Barell, who was part of Norra's team. Later, Emari accompanied Norra's team on a mission to find the rebel Han Solo and to rescue the Wookiee Chewbacca. Jas and her companions took part in the liberation of the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.

Jas later joined Norra's team in hunting down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the alleged mastermind behind the attack on Chandrila. Jas and Norra's trail led them to the Inner Rim desert world of Jakku. There, Jas found herself pursued by the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift, who was seeking to collect a bounty on her head for vindictive reasons. While evading Swift, Jas helped Norra and Mister Bones during their search. Despite being captured by Swift, Jas managed to turn the tables on the bounty hunter by recruiting his crew Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta to her side. Jas and the bounty hunters won recognition from the New Republic for their contributions to the Battle of Jakku.


Early life[]

Emari worked with her aunt Sugi on many occasions.

Jas grew up on Iridonia and had a very difficult childhood. When her aunt Sugi gave her advice about running away, she decided to leave the planet and become a bounty hunter as her aunt before her. She thought of her life as very wild, often making remarks about how another crazy event was just another day in the life of Jas. She preferred to work alone, unlike Sugi, who often tried to help those who could not help themselves and worked with team members regularly.[1][4]

While living with her Aunt Sugi, Emari was acquainted with the bounty hunters Embo and Dengar. She regarded Embo and his pet Anooba Marrok as friends. However, Emari and her fellow bounty hunters did not get along with Dengar due to his grumpy demeanor. Despite this, Emari respected them since they worked for her Aunt Sugi.[3]

Battle of Endor[]

During the Battle of Endor, Jas was on Endor as the Rebel Alliance sought to destroy the shield generator that was protecting the second Death star. From a vantage point on a tree, she could see the battle unfold between the Ewoks, rebels, and Empire. She was hired by the Empire to target Princess Leia Organa, but once the tide of the battle switched to favor the rebels, she decided not to take the shot, realizing that she must switch sides in the war if she was to survive. She then climbed down from her tree and took her speeder, cleverly disguised next to a tree, away from the scene of the battle. When she gathered her speeder, she saw Sinjir Rath Velus covered in blood and dressed as a rebel, and they made eye contact for a brief moment before she left.[1]

New Republic[]

Bounty on Akiva[]

After the Battle of Endor, she took jobs that served the New Republic, the new government created by the Rebel Alliance, or worked against the Empire. One of these jobs was to assassinate the Imperial slaver and financier Arsin Crassus, who was supposed to arrive on the remote Outer Rim world of Akiva at Satrap Isstra Dirus's palace. Jas took up position on a rusted tower high above Akiva's old capitol building in the capital city Myrra.[1][5]

However, when Crassus landed in his yacht, the Golden Harp, she noticed that several other Imperial ships were landing at the same time; bringing with them Grand Moff Valco Pandion, Yupe Tashu, General Jylia Shale, and Admiral Rae Sloane. These Imperials had come to Akiva to attend an emergency summit which had been organized by Admiral Sloane to discuss the future of the Empire. Instead of taking the shot on Crassus, she decided they would be worth a lot more together and decided to take a new course of action. Before she could do anything, she was shot down from her perch by the Imperial officer Morna Kee, who was piloting Sloane's Lambda-class shuttle.[1]

Jas survived her fall but crashed into Temmin Wexley's junk shop. There, she was captured by the Sullustan Surat Nuat, a local crime lord who headed a gang. Surat quickly recognized Jas as a bounty hunter. Jas tried to talk her way out of trouble by offering to hunt down Temmin, who had incurred the wrath of Surat by stealing a valuable cargo shipment. When Jas admitted that she was targeting an Imperial official, Surat revealed that he was working for the Empire and after denouncing the New Republic, ordered his henchmen to take her prisoner.[1]

Surat took Jas Emari to The Alcazar, a cantina and gambling den which served as his base. Surat intended to sell Jas as a slave or exchange her with the Empire. One of the patrons at The Alcazar was Sinjir, an ex-Imperial loyalty officer, whom she had encountered earlier on Endor. Recognizing the Zabrak, Sinjir attempted to buy her claiming that he worked for the Empire. However, Surat did not intend to sell Jas to the Empire and ordered his men to kill Sinjir. Following a brief gun battle, Sinjir was knocked out by the bartender and imprisoned with Jas.[1]

Unlikely allies[]

"You're awake."
―Jas' first words to Sinjir[1]

Jas found herself locked into a cage beside Sinjir. Following a tense conversation, Jas and Sinjir agreed to put aside their differences and work together to save Temmin, another captive of Surat. Jas managed to free herself and Sinjir from their cages by using a lockpick that she kept in a fake horn on her head. The two unlikely allies then rescued Temmin from having his tongue ripped out by Surat's henchmen. Following a firefight with Surat's henchmen and several Imperial stormtroopers, Jas and her fellow captives managed to escape with the help of Temmin's mother Norra Wexley, a New Republic starfighter pilot on a bala-bala speeder. Since there was not enough room on Norra's speeder, Jas wrapped a chain around a dead Gran gangster's body and used it as a makeshift wakesurfer.[1]

Sinjir Rath Velus, the man who Jas was imprisoned with

Jas joined her new allies at the home of Esmelle, Temmin's aunt and Norra's older sister. After settling down at their refuge, she and Sinjir discussed their plan to disrupt the Imperial emergency summit and capture their targets; using various household objects and cutlery as improvised sets for their "map." When Jas told Norra about her plan, Norra told her that she was only interested in taking her son Temmin offworld. After Temmin expressed an interest in helping the bounty hunters and Jas raised the subject of the capture of the New Republic pilot Wedge Antilles, Norra reluctantly agreed to help Jas and Sinjir in return for getting safe passage of Akiva.[1]

Shortly later, Jas, Sinjir, and the Wexleys were joined by Temmin's modified B1-series battle droid "Mister Bones," who had survived the skirmish at The Alcazar. When Norra attacked Sinjir after learning that he was an Imperial officer, Jas restrained Wexley with her blaster and convinced the two to put aside their differences. Norra agreed and devised a plan to inspire a rebellion on Akiva, capture the Imperial Future Council, and free Antilles. This was her first time working with a team and trusting others with her mission.[1]

While Sinjir, Temmin, and Mister Bones infiltrated an Imperial communications station and uploaded a New Republic propaganda broadcast, Jas and Norra headed back to Temmin's junkshop. There, Jas killed several unidentified hostiles who had been lying in wait for the Wexleys. Norra then stole a TIE fighter and used it to destroy several other TIE fighters and Imperial shuttles, hampering the Imperial delegates' escape from Akiva. Norra's fighter was shot down but she managed to bail out. The rebels' propaganda broadcast had the effect of inspiring an uprising in Myrra and a large crowd assembled outside the Satrap's Palace.[1]

Fighting the Empire[]

Norra Wexley, Jas' new ally

Following her first joint operation with the Wexleys and Sinjir, Jas reunited with Temmin, Mister Bones, and Sinjir at a cantina called Pok's Place. Since she had witnessed Norra's TIE fighter crashing into the Satrap's Palace, she believed that Norra had perished during the attack on the Satrap's Palace until Norra herself showed up. Putting the next phase of their plan into action, the rebels decided to use Myrra's underground catacombs to infiltrate the Satrap's Palace and capture the Imperials. Temmin offered to serve as a guide but needed to return to his junk shop to retrieve maps. While the other rebels waited for Temmin, Jas stood guard outside the building.[1]

Unknown to Jas and the others, Temmin retreated to his private "hidey-hole-nook-and-cubby" and secretly contacted Surat. He offered to sell Jas and Sinjir to the gangster in return for securing him, his mother Norra, and Mister Bones safe passage off Akiva. Surat accepted the deal but double-crossed Temmin by negotiating another deal with Admiral Sloane to capture Norra. Together with her companions, they traveled through the underground passages beneath Myrra. While navigating through a Clone Wars-era battlefield, Sinjir took the opportunity to voice his suspicions about Temmin's nervousness to Jas. Though Emari initially thought that Sinjir had an attraction to her, Sinjir stated that he did not have such feelings for her gender.[1]

While traveling through an abandoned Separatist factory, they were ambushed by several Uugteen primitives. Jas and her companions managed to escape the Uugteens after Temmin ignited a box of detonators. With Temmin as their guide, Jas and her party made their way through the Old Banking Clan building and reached the entrance to the Satrap's Palace. Jas devised a plan to ambush several stormtroopers and palace guards and gain entrance to the palace. However, they were captured by Admiral Sloane and her stormtroopers. Once inside the palace, Jas learned about Temmin's secret deal with Surat. When Surat revealed his secret arrangement with Sloane, Temmin protested but was unable to stop the Imperials from taking away his mother and disintegrating Mister Bones.[1]

Prior to leaving Temmin, she told him that he would make a good bounty hunter. Sinjir added that the boy would make a better Imperial. With a crowd besieging the Satrap's Palace, Jas and her fellow captives were taken aboard Crassus's yacht Golden Harp. Their fellow passengers were the high-ranking Imperial officials and several stormtroopers. However, Temmin managed to infiltrate the Golden Harp and reached Jas's cell through a maintenance hatch. While Sinjir remonstrated with Grand Moff Pandion, Temmin freed Jas and Norra. Jas then singlehandedly held Pandion at gunpoint. Before a firefight could break out, Sloane crash-landed the yacht in the hangar bay of her Imperial Star Destroyer Vigilance.[1]

Jas and her rebel companions survived the crash but Crassus and most of the Imperial stormtroopers aboard were killed. Jas managed to stun and capture General Shale, Adviser Tashu, and Sloane's aide Adea Rite but was unable to capture Pandion and Sloane, who escaped aboard another shuttle. Jas, Sinjir, and Temmin then rescued Wedge and evacuated their Imperial captives aboard a shuttle before the Vigilance was destroyed by a New Republic fleet that had emerged from hyperspace. Meanwhile, Norra attempted to pursue Sloane's shuttle in a stolen TIE fighter but narrowly escaped death when the Admiral detached the main compartment of her shuttle with the recalcitrant Pandion; causing a fiery explosion.[1]

Juggling debts and hunting[]

After Akiva became a member of the New Republic, Jas joined forces with Norra, Temmin, Sinjir, Mister Bones, and the New Republic Special Forces soldier Jom Barell to hunt down surviving Imperial targets across the galaxy.[1] Working with Norra's team, Emari managed to capture at six Imperial fugitives including Commandant Stradd, Prefect Kosh, Moffs Keong and Nyall, Vice General Adambo and the former Imperial Security Bureau minister Venn Eowelt.[6] By 5 ABY,[7] Jas found herself heavily indebted to several underworld creditors. Several of these debts had been incurred by her late aunt Sugi, who had a reputation for bailing out of "dishonorable" jobs, "burning" her clients and doing low-pay work to protect underdogs, slaves, and pariahs. One of her creditors even placed a bounty on her head.[6]

During a mission to collect a New Republic bounty on Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde, Jas decided to raise funds by pretending to betray Norra and her team to the Vorlaggn crime lord Slussen Canker, who was sheltering Gedde at his palace on Vorlag. Jas confided in Norra's son Temmin but withheld the information from the team's leader, Norra. Putting her plan into action, Jas accompanied Norra's team on their undercover mission.[6]

After capturing Gedde, Jas and the others were soon captured by Slussen and his guards. However, Jas then took the opportunity to switch sides and claimed that she was collecting a bounty on Norra and her team. In return for capturing the intruders, Slussen paid Jas a fifteen percent finder's fee. Slussen ordered that Jas and her crew be locked into cages. Despite her apparent betrayal, Emari arranged for the key to the cages to be tied to the neck of a hroth-beast. This enabled Norra and her team to escape from their cell.[6]

Meanwhile, Jas tied up the drugged Gedde in his room. Shortly later, she was joined by Norra and her team, who had escaped through the lava tube. Jas and her team then escaped with Gedde aboard her gunship Halo, which was being flown by Temmin. After escaping Imperial fighters and reaching space, the other crew confronted Jas for her "triple-cross" on Vorlag. The New Republic soldier Jom was particularly angry and argued fiercely with Emari. At some point, the argument became so heated that the two locked themselves in Jas' bunkroom and started to fight. All their teammates attempted to bring down the door, but desist upon realizing that the two weren't fighting anymore and that the sound was no longer of blows. In fact, Jas and Jom had reconciled and were making love.[6]

Rest and recreation[]

After returning to the New Republic capital of Chandrila, Norra prepared to hand Perwin over to the New Republic authorities. However, they quickly discovered that Gedde had died while in transit. Examining the body, Jas deduced that Gedde had been poisoned with kytrogorgia and that someone had mixed the poison with his spice. Later, Jas found her friend Sinjir at bar off Junari Point near Hanna City. Sinjir had been meeting up with his lover Conder Kyl and had been accosted by two patrons "Mister Browscar" and "Miss Scowlface," who did not like former Imperials. Sinjir had returned following a drunken stupor and beaten up Browscar and Scowlface.[6]

When Jas found him, Sinjir confronted her over her betrayal on Vorlag. Jas apologized for withholding her "triple-cross" plan from the other team members except Temmin. Following a heated conversation, Emari explained that she was heavily in debt. When Jas questioned Sinjir about Browscar and Scowlface, Sinjir merely replied that he had not killed them. Later, Jas and Sinjir met with the rest of Norra's team at the Halo. During the meeting, Jas theorized that the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift had killed Gedde under orders from the Empire to prevent him from divulging secrets to the New Republic.[6]

When Jas remarked that Gedde's death robbed them off credits, Jom responded that they were not doing it for credits and accused her of not supporting the New Republic's cause. Jas then responded by accusing Jom of double standards by not bringing Slussen Canker, a known slaver, to justice. When Jom responded that they had orders from the Republic to capture Gedde, Jas likened him to an Imperial. Before the argument could escalate, Norra intervened to brief her team that Princess Leia Organa had solicited their help in finding her husband Han Solo, who had disappeared during a mission to find his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca.[6]

When Jas upstaged Norra by revealing that she already knew about her contact with Leia, Norra accused her of bugging her chambers. However, Jas countered that she had been paying attention to current affairs. Jas agreed to take part in Norra's new mission and agreed to solicit information from her underworld contacts. She speculated that Solo would have been clumsy enough to draw attention from underworld circles. Following the meeting, Sinjir confronted Emari on whether she was joining the mission for financial gain. Jas confirmed that this was the case because Princess Leia was relatively rich.[6]

Trip to Nar Shaddaa[]

Putting their plans into action, Jas and Jom traveled to the crime haven of Nar Shaddaa. After landing in a black market, Emari paid a Weequay to keep her ship Halo hidden and off syndicate registers. Jas did not want to attract the attention of Black Sun and the Crymorah syndicate, whom she owed debts to. Jas questioned Nyarla the Hutt about Solo, Chewbacca, and Imperial prisons in Wild Space. With Nyarla unable to help, Jas and Jom prepared to leave. However, the two of them were soon ambushed by a gang of Nikto led by Underboss Rynscar, who stunned Jom.[6]

The Underboss demanded that Jas pay up her aunt's debts. Since Jas was unable to pay up, she threatened to hand in Emari to Boss Gyuti, the leader of Black Sun. When Jom tried to intervene, Emari slammed her foot on his back and warned him not to get them killed. Jas then asked Rynscar whether the Hutts had betrayed her. Rynscar responded that the Hutts were in disarray and that Nyarla had returned to Black Sun. Emari then managed to convince Rynscar to let her pay twice the amount she owed Black Sun. She offered to turn herself in if she failed.[6]

Rynscar reluctantly agreed to let Jas go. In return, Jas asked for information about Han Solo. Using Rynscar's information, Jas contacted Sinjir and informed him about a planet called Irudiru in Wild Space. As a result, Sinjir was able to question Tashu about a prison architect named Golas Aram. After returning to the Halo, Barell accused her of selling out the team. Emari responded that she was only buying them more time. The two then shared a kiss before returning to Chandrila.[6]

After returning to Chandrila, Jas and the team met up with Norra at the Skygarden above Hanna City. Norra and the team watched as Norra resigned her commissioned in the New Republic Starfleet to find Han Solo. Jas and Sinjir later decided to accompany Norra and her son on their mission to find Han Solo. Jas agreed to come in return for a token fee of ten credits. However, Jom decided not to come because he did not want to leave on an unsanctioned mission.[6]

Joining forces with Han Solo[]

Jas and the rest of Norra's team traveled to Irudiru. After landing, they ventured to Golas Aram's compound but found it well defended by ghosted lasers, land mines, turret-droids, and carnivorous thirstgrass. Jas also deployed a listening bug that her friend Temmin had built. During their scouting mission, they were attacked by a herd of morak beasts but were rescued by Han Solo, who used a grenade to blind the creatures.[6]

Han Solo, the scoundrel Jas would eventually join forces with.

Jas and her team later met with Han at a cantina in the nearby town of Kai Pompos. After Norra told Han about the purpose of their visit, Jas remarked that he was their prize but denied that she was a bounty hunter. When Sinjir pointed out that she was indeed a bounty hunter, she told him to shut up. In return, Han told them that he had traveled to Irudiru because he wanted to rescue his Wookiee friend Chewbacca, who was imprisoned at Ashmead's Lock prison on Kashyyyk. Since Golan had designed the prison for the Empire, Han wanted to question him. Having found Han, Norra's team agreed to help Solo storm Aram's compound and rescue Chewbacca.[6]

Working together, Jas disabled the pulse mines around Aram's compound by using her slugthrower to identify their electronic signatures and ignite one of the mines. After Temmin and Mister Bones disabled the conduit from the wind farm that powered the electric fence and turrets, Jas and Sinjir infiltrated Aram's compound. The two soon came under attack from several commando droids but they managed to destroy them with the help of Jom Barell, who had experienced a change of heart and decided to help Norra's team. Though Aram managed to escape, he was quickly captured by Norra before he could flee offworld. After Sinjir had finished interrogating Aram, she chatted with Barell while Solo and Norra went to Kai Pompos to fetch supplies.[6]

Ashmead's Lock[]

Jas, her team, and Han Solo traveled to Kashyyyk aboard the Halo and Solo's freighter, the Millennium Falcon. They managed to pass through the Imperial blockade by posing as repair crew being sent to service Ashmead's Lock prison. Upon entering the atmosphere, Jas followed the Falcon in the Halo. After finding Ashmead's Lock, Jas warned that they could be heading into a trap but Han would have none of it. Emari's fears were confirmed when the rebels were confronted by SOL-GDA, the prison's automated computer.[6]

When the rebels failed to supply the pass-code, SOL-GDA dispatched security droids to incorporate them into the prison. Jas stayed with Solo and used her slugthrower to blast several of the droids. Jas and Han managed to reach the control room but failed to shut down the computer system. The two were besieged by several security droids but were rescued by Temmin and Mister Bones. Venturing deeper into the prison, Jas, Han, and Temmin discovered that the prison was being powered by prisoners who were being housed in stasis pods.[6]

After Temmin spotted the cable linking the stasis pods to the power generator, Jas and Han managed to destroy the cable with their guns. This deactivated SOL-GDA and allowed Jas and her companions to free a hundred prisoners at Ashmead's Lock including Chewbacca and Temmin's father Brentin Lore Wexley. While Norra, Temmin, Bones and the prisoners chose to return to Chandrila on the Millennium Falcon, Jas decided to stay behind and help Han and Chewie liberate Kashyyyk from Imperial rule.[6]

Jas managed to convince Sinjir and Jom to stay behind by recalling their failure to free Slussen Canker's slaves. When Sinjir remarked that she would not get paid for it, Jas responded that she was not in it for the money and that she had felt good liberating Akiva. Jom commended her for her desire too good. After parting company with Norra and her team, Jas flew her friends, Han, and Chewie on the Halo away from Black Forest to a wroshyr tree hideout. There, Han outlined his plan to liberate the Wookiees of Kashyyyk by finding Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck and disabling the control module which controlled the Wookiees' inhibitor chips.[6]

Liberating Kashyyyk[]

A month later, Jas helped Han Solo and Chewbacca by recruiting several Wookiee refugees and smugglers to take part in the liberation of Kashyyyk. Among her recruits were the former Wookiee slave Greybok, the Weequay Hatchet, and the Quarren Palabar. While Sinjir went to rescue Jom Barell from Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck's island fortress, Jas landed her gunship Halo on the ghost city of Awrathakka near the Imperial slave labor camp Camp Sardo.[6]

Kashyyyk, the planet Jas would help liberate.

Jas, Han, Chewie, and their rebel recruits then climbed a wroshyr tree overlooking Camp Sardo's deflector shield generator. Despite being attacked by Imperial forest troopers and a Low-altitude Imperial transport, Jas managed to destroy the shield generator with one shot of her slugthrower. This coincided with Sinjir's successful plan to disable the Wookiees' inhibitor chips at Tolruck's fortress. While the Wookiees attacked Imperial forces, Jas along with Greybok, Hatchet, and Palabar flew the Halo and bombarded the Imperial walkers and forces. After Grand Moff Tolruck ordered the orbiting Star Destroyers to bombard Kashyyyk's surface, Jas reunited with her companions Sinjir and Jom.[6]

Han Solo prepares the Wookiees for battle.

After evacuating the Wookiees beneath Awarathakka, Jas aided Han and Chewbacca's efforts to take out the orbiting Star Destroyers. Emari's gunship Halo accompanied Han and Chewie's transport, which was loaded with webweaver spiders, to the Star Destroyer Dominion. After Han and Chewie landed in the Dominion's hangar, Jas blasted the Imperial troops aboard. She then landed her gunship and joined the mission to take control of the Star Destroyer. Jas and her comrades were captured by stormtroopers and brought before Vice Admiral Domm Korgale. However, Han and Chewie's team managed to hijack the Dominion and used it to destroy the Star Destroyer Vitiator. Shortly later, New Republic forces under Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, and Admiral Ackbar arrived and accepted the surrender of the remaining Imperial forces on Kashyyyk.[6]

Hunting Rae Sloane[]

Trapping Mercurial Swift[]

Following the liberation of Kashyyyk, Jas reunited with Sinjir and told him that she was planning to leave Norra's team. Seeking to pay her debts, Jas wanted to find work collecting New Republic bounties. Jas then gave Sinjir a ride back to Chandrila, which was reeling from the recent attack on Chandrila. Due to the fallout of the attack on Chandrila, the New Republic Security Bureau had stopped hiring bounty hunters. Unable to find work, Jas joined up with Norra, Temmin, Mister Bones, and Sinjir on a mission to hunt down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, whom Norra believed was responsible for the attack on Chandrila. Their mission was financed by their new friend Princess Leia.[6]

After several months of searching, Norra's team decided to trap Mercurial Swift, who was known to have worked for Sloane in the past. Jas and her fellow hunters planned to question Swift about Sloane's whereabouts. With the help of the wilder girl Vazeen Mordraw, the hunters set a trap for Swift on the planet Taris by planting a false bounty on Mordaw. Swift ventured into Mordraw's hideout inside a wrecked freighter in Taris' ruined Talinn district. Norra and Sinjir ambushed Swift, who tried to escape. However, Jas blocked his escape path and stunned him with her blaster.[3]

Later that night, Jas and her companions interrogated Swift. Upon awakening, Swift recognized and joked that Dengar had been right about the day that bounties would be placed on bounty hunters. Jas responded that Boss Gyuti had already placed a bounty on her head. When Norra and Sinjir questioned Swift about his connection to Sloane, the bounty hunter was initially defiant. However, Sinjir managed to force Swift to cooperate by threatening to send the droid Mister Bones to harm his mother Tabba Teldar. Cornered, Swift revealed that Sloane had hired him to search the Emperor's wrecked yacht Imperialis for information about an Imperial officer named Gallius Rax. He also told Norra's team that Sloane had traveled to the planet Jakku in the Western Reaches. Following the interrogation, Jas proposed killing Swift since he was still a threat. However, Norra instead knocked him unconscious with one of his stun batons. The decision to spare Swift would have ramifications for Jas. Seeking vengeance, Swift decided to collect Boss Gyuti's bounty on her.[3]

Journey to Jakku[]

During the journey to Jakku, Jas searched Norra's freighter Moth for her ammo belt. Jas eventually found the ammo belt in the kitchen and confronted Sinjir, demanding to know why her ammunition was in the kitchen. Sinjir responded that he was a man burdened by conflict and that he bid his time drinking Kowakian rum. During the conversation, Sinjir confided that he was a man without purpose. When Sinjir asked her why she did not hurt Swift, Jas responded that words could be violent. When Jas expressed concerns that Norra was becoming like her, Sinjir reassured her that she was the one advising caution.[3]

The planet Jakku was where the Gallius Rax assembled to execute the final part of the Contingency.

Jas also related her concerns about the emotional turmoil that Norra was going through regarding her husband and her son. Sinjir then reassured Jas that she was a good person because she cared about others. Jas complimented Sinjir for both his sarcasm and for making sense. When Jas remarked that she hoped that Jakku would not have any more surprises for them, Sinjir responded that the galaxy was full of surprises. Sinjir was proven right when the Moth exited hyperspace and came under attack from an Imperial fleet. Jas and her companions soon discovered that the Imperials under Gallius Rax had relocated to Jakku for a final showdown with the New Republic.[3]

When Norra entered an escape pod to continue her pursuit for Sloane, Jas tried to stop her. Jas tried to forcibly remove Norra but the other woman fought back. In the end, Jas agreed to accompany Norra down to Jakku to hunt for Sloane. Meanwhile, Temmin and Sinjir took the Moth back to Chandrila to warn the New Republic that the Empire had fled to Jakku. At Temmin's command, Mister Bones followed Norra and Jas down to Jakku to look after them. After landing their escape pod in the deserts of Jakku, the two salvaged the pod for weapons and equipment before trekking through the desert. That night, they were ambushed by two aliens. The aliens were then killed by a stormtrooper patrol, who took the two women captive.[3]

Escaping captivity[]

Rae Sloane, the Grand Admiral whom Jas and Norra hunted.

After the Imperial authorities on Jakku discovered that Jas had a bounty on her head, they had her shipped to Niima the Hutt's palace on a shuttle. Niima's slaves discovered the lock pick concealed in her false horn. As a result, Jas was forced to fashion weapons out of her three cranial horns. After several attempts, Jas managed to break off the horns by slamming her skull against the stone wall of her cell. While in captivity, Emari caught a glimpse of the fugitive Rae Sloane accompanying Niima on an expedition to a mysterious valley. After learning that Jas had been captured, Mercurial Swift and his new bounty hunting crew which consisted of Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta traveled to Niima's temple to collect Emari. Emari was acquainted with both Embo and Dengar, having worked with them on past hunting missions. She respected Embo, who got on well with her aunt Sugi but had a difficult relationship with Dengar, who was unpopular with many within his trade.[3]

Using her broken horns as improvised weapons, Jas attacked Swift, scarring his face. She then used her rope to yank two of Niima's slaves into Swift, knocking him down. After kneeing one of the slave's heads into Swift's nose, she killed the last guard by breaking his neck. Jas then used her horns to saw through the rope. Jas then escaped her cell and navigated her way through a series of tunnels. Jas was pursued by several of Niima's slaves but managed to fight them off. She then reached a hangar pad where she found Swift's Corellian shuttle being guarded by her old friend Embo.[3]

Following a brief reunion, Jas managed to convince Embo not to hand her over to Swift. She also convinced him to allow her to escape on Swift's shuttle. Jas managed to flee aboard the shuttle shortly after Dengar entered the hangar pad. While traveling over the deserts of Jakku, Jas sighted Norra and Mister Bones traveling on a speeder bike. She landed her stolen shuttle on a nearby dune. After sharing some refreshments, the two women updated each other about their previous misadventures. Jas related her escape from Niima's temple while Norra recounted her escape from Imperial captivity with Mister Bone's help. Jas also told Norra that she had sighted Sloane traveling with Niima's caravan. While her stolen ship had Imperial clearance codes, the two women decided to resume their hunt for Sloane with the help of Mister Bones.[3]

Continuing the hunt[]

While traveling over the deserts of Jakku, Jas hatched a plan which involved Norra flying the shuttle while she landed on the sand and grabbed Sloane. They soon discovered that Niima's caravan had been attacked by turbolaser emplacements originating from beyond the Plaintive Hand plateau. These turbolasers were part of the Jakku Observatory, which was central to the late Emperor's Contingency plan. As they approached the eastern pillars of the Plaintive Hand plateau, Norra caught sight of Sloane and her husband Brentin hiding together. Before they could complete their plan, Jas was forced to pull their shuttle way due to the approach of three Imperial shuttles.[3]

These shuttles were carrying Sloane's rival Gallius Rax, who had proclaimed himself Counselor to the Empire, and a contingent of stormtroopers. Rax took Sloane and Brentin into custody and "invited" them to watch the demise of the Old Empire. The following day, Jas and Norra returned to the site of Niima's caravan. While most of her slaves had perished during the Imperial turbolaser attack, the two women encountered a wounded Niima. Speaking through a translator device, Niima recognized Jas as the Zabrak captive in her dungeon. While Niima wanted to kill her, she decided to help Jas and Norra. In return for bringing her back to her temple, she offered to give them clearance codes to the main Imperial base, where Sloane and Brentin had been taken to.[3]

After rescuing Niima and bringing her home, the grateful Hutt crime lady furnished them with an old Imperial shuttle, old Imperial uniforms, and the clearance codes which they needed to reach the main Imperial base. While preparing for their mission, Jas told Norra that she was helping her out of her own free will and respect. Before they could leave, Mercurial Swift and his crew returned and demanded that Niima hand over Jas. Jas decided to stay behind and distract the bounty hunters while Norra and Mister Bones departed for the main Imperial base. After Dengar threatened Niima, Jas allowed herself to be captured in order to prevent further blood from being shed.[3]

Turning the tables on Swift[]

Swift and his crew took Niima into custody. They departed Niima's temple in Swift's reclaimed Corellian shuttle. Swift wanted to leave immediately for Nar Shaddaa to deliver Emari to Boss Gyuti. However, they were forced to delay their departure due to the Battle of Jakku. Swift reluctantly ordered the ship's pilot Jeeta to head towards a canyon. While in captivity, Jas managed to sow discord between Swift and his crew. Knowing that Embo and Dengar had debts to pay, Jas told them that they could secure money and full pardons from the New Republic if they helped to hunt down Rae Sloane. She also appealed to the two hunters' previous partnership and friendship with her Aunt Sugi.[3]

The Battle of Jakku was a climatic battle that Jas participated in.

Swift tried to reassert his authority but Dengar pointed out that he and the other crew did not like him. Dengar struck Swift with his blaster. Enraged, Swift grabbed Jas by the neck and moved towards the ramp. However, Emari headbutted him with her new, growing horns. She then broke free of the bounty hunter and threw him out of the shuttle's door. Dengar and Embo complimented Jas. When Jeeta asked what was going on, Dengar vouched that she was not loyal to Swift. Jas then decided to hire the three bounty hunters as her new crew, an offer which they graciously accepted.[3]

Jas and her crew managed to pick up Norra and her late husband Brentin outside the Jakku Observatory. By that stage, Norra had joined forces with Brentin and Sloane to stop Gallius Rax's plot to detonate the planet Jakku and the surrounding Imperial and New Republic fleets. The Battle of Jakku was a pivotal New Republic victory that ended the Galactic Civil War in the New Republic's favor and led to the signing of the Galactic Concordance. Meanwhile, Mister Bones perished during the battle while trying to protect Temmin from marauding Imperial forces.[3]

A new order[]

"We'll see each other again, won't we?"
"I don't know."
"Fair enough."
―Jas and Sinjir's final words prior to departing[3]

Following the Battle of Jakku, Jas Emari managed to secure full pardons for Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta with the help of her friend Sinjir Rath Velus, who had become a high-ranking adviser to Chancellor Mon Mothma. Jas also secured enough money to hire the three bounty hunters permanently as her crew. After learning that her former lover Jom Barell had perished in combat during the Battle of Jakku, Jas spent a week mourning her friend's passing.[3]

A few weeks later, Jas met up with the rest of Norra's team to celebrate their friendship and to honor the memory of fallen comrades like Jom, Brentin, and Mister Bones. During the dinner, Jas joked about Temmin's new nickname "Snap" and his decision to fashion a beard. During the dinner, Jas talked about her plans to pay her way out of her debts with the help of her new bounty hunting crew. Following the dinner, Jas complimented Sinjir for finding a romantic partner in the form of the slicer Conder Kyl. Jas also confided that she would continue her aunt Sugi's legacy by taking ethical jobs as long as there were credits.[3]

Jas also indicated she was prepared to burn her partnership with Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta should they turn on her. When Sinjir asked about her relationship with Jom, Jas confided that she had no plans of settling down with the late Jom since she did not like him as much as he loved her. Jas described her life as one dominated by paying her debts and collecting the debts that others owed her. Sinjir joked that her cynical outlook gave him life. Before leaving, Sinjir kissed her on the head and the two embraced before parting company.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"This charade is temporary. What is your plan?"
"I have no plan. What I do have is
your blaster and my friends and luck on our side. Plus: We're very good at improvising, as you can well see."
―Jas Emari in response to Grand Moff Pandion[1]

Jas Emari was a fiercely independent individual who left her difficult family life to become a bounty hunter at the advice of her aunt Sugi. She thought that her life was wild and full of unpredictable events. As a bounty hunter, she preferred to work alone. Jas was willing to work for different governments including the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. However, Jas had a hatred for slavers like Arsin Crassus and decided to take out a New Republic bounty on him. She seized the opportunity to collect bounties on several high Imperial officials on Akiva including Admiral Rae Sloane.[1]

While Jas was a loner, she was still able to work with other individuals if they shared the same mutual interests. Emari forged a partnership with the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus after being assured that he truly abandoned the Empire. While Jas was usually motivated by pecuniary considerations, she nevertheless agreed to help Norra to inspire a rebellion on Akiva since it advanced her goal of collecting a bounty on Imperial officials. Following the Battle of Endor, Jas had an optimistic view of the aspirations and promises of the New Republic, considering it to be a fairer government than the Empire.[1]

Though Jas loved her aunt Sugi, she was still annoyed with Sugi for saddling her with massive debts. Unlike her more "soft-hearted" aunt Sugi, she was prepared to be merciless and to eschew ethics in order to generate revenue. Emari's sole purpose in life was to pay off her aunt's debts. This motivated Jas to pretend to "triple-cross" Norra's team on Vorlag in order to get paid twice for collecting a New Republic bounty on Perwin Gedde and another bounty on Norra and her team. Despite her being ruthless and unloyal at times, Jas was still loyal enough to Norra and her team not to betray them to the Empire or other enemies.[1][6]

Despite her obsession with paying off her debts, Jas, at times, could be a genuinely kind person, as shown when she aided in the Liberation of Kashyyyk and in the Battle of Jakku. She successfully convinced her companions Sinjir and Jom Barell to aid Han Solo and Chewbacca's campaign to liberate Kashyyyk by presenting it as an opportunity to atone for their failure to liberate Slussen Canker's slaves. Jas' loyalty to Norra later led her to join Norra's quest to hunt down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the alleged mastermind of the attack on Chandrila.[6][3]

Despite being described as a "tough" person, Jas could be a reasonable being. She acted as a restraining influence on Norra during her quest for justice and vengeance. Despite Jom's feelings for her, Jas did not like him as much as he loved her. Nevertheless, she was grief-stricken to learn of his death. Jas used her persuasive skills to convince Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta to turn against Mercurial Swift and to join her crew in return for receiving money and full pardons from the New Republic. Jas regarded Norra, Temmin, Sinjir, Mister Bones, and Conder as long-time friends.[3]

Emari also respected the older bounty hunters Embo and Dengar. She regarded Embo and his late pet Anooba Marrok as friends. While she did not get along with Dengar, the two maintained a level of mutual respect due to Dengar's partnership with Aunt Sugi. Emari used their partnership with Aunt Sugi to convince Embo and Dengar not to hand her over to Black Sun Boss Gyuti.[3]

Skills and abilities[]

Jas inherited the gunship, Halo from her aunt Sugi.

As a bounty hunter, Jas was a skilled sniper who wielded a self-made long-range rifle that was based on an old Czerka slugthrower. Emari was also good at hand-to-hand combat when circumstances demanded. She was also a good planner who was able to build an improvised map and plan using household objects. In her line of work as a bounty hunter, Jas had to kill numerous individuals.[1]

Jas was also a skilled pilot who owned the gunship Halo. She used the Halo to travel to several worlds including Irudiru and Kashyyyk. During the Liberation of Kashyyyk, Jas used her gunship to bombard Imperial forces; helping the Wookiees and their rebel allies to gain the upper hand.[6] Jas was also skilled at unarmed combat due to her work as a bounty hunter. As a Zabrak, Jas was capable of regenerating her cranial horns. She also knew how to improvise by using her cranial horns as makeshift daggers.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Jas Emari first appeared in Chuck Wendig's 2015 novel Aftermath, the first book in The Aftermath Trilogy. A contradiction between Jas' description in the books, specifically the arc on Akiva in the first of book of the trilogy,[1] is that she is depicted as having moonlight-blue skin, yet in the artwork in Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy[2] and No Disintegrations she is shown as having fair skin.[4]



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