"Jasko doesn't like Hux. Word in the barracks is he was a washout cadet and this is his way of getting even. Not to mention rich."
―Penn Zarang[src]

Jasko's was a shop located in Scaparus Port on Arkanis. It was run by Jasko, an Imperial cadet that had washed out of the Arkanis Academy. It was known to be only shop in the port that offered a decent cup of caf. Additionally, Jasko delighted in offering unmonitored comm booth services, his method of getting revenge on the leader of the Arkanis Academy, Commandant Brendol Hux. Users of the shop's services, however, could expect to part with a fair amount of credits. When the Imperial cadet and secret rebel spy Zare Leonis needed to send a private comm transmission, he took the advice of his fellow cadet Penn Zarang and visited this shop.[1]



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