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Jason Aaron is an American comic book author who wrote for Marvel Comics' relaunched Star Wars series. He has written numerous Wolverine and X-Men comics for the company, and also wrote Ghost Rider (volume 6), Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire, Thor: God of Thunder, and the 2014 crossover series Original Sin.


Aaron's best known work outside of Marvel is Scalped, a gritty Vertigo Comics series about an Indian reservation, that was published from 2007 to 2012.

Aaron does not recall watching the original Star Wars in theaters, but he did remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back with his mom, a friend and his friend's older brother, who had already seen the film and initially insisted on recounting every scene.[1]

Aaron said Luke Skywalker was the character that most appealed to him. "I also grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere," he explained, "so I've always had a basic connection with the longing that you see in Luke early on in the first film."[2] He owns an original, unwrapped Darth Vader figurine.[1]

As an adult, Aaron enjoyed watching The Clone Wars with his son, but was bewildered by how "I'm now supposed to be cheering for stormtroopers, knowing full-well that they're eventually going to wind up as the shocktroops of a ruthless Nazi-like empire." He joked it was like watching a series depicting the Nazis before their rise to power as "actually pretty cool dudes. Almost as cool as Anakin Skywalker, the other big hero of the series. Who we all know eventually turns out to be Hitler! Is George Lucas crazy-genius or just flat-out f***ing crazy?"[3] In 2014, Aaron accepted writing Marvel's Star Wars relaunch without hesitation.[1]

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