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"But there's no reason to make up ridiculous, laser-brained stories like that. I know how intimidating it must be to be applying for the same job as me."

Jasper was a minor criminal in the Cularin system. Over the course of a year, he applied three times to join Nirama's criminal organization, but had no skills the crime lord truly needed. He finally got his wish, traveling to the Cularin system asteroid belt with a handful of other recruits, little suspecting those other recruits were being brought in as spies, with Jasper thrown in to make it look like a legitimate recruiting effort. They all were taken to Nirama's base in a transport piloted by Nirama's minion Jobril.[1]

Jasper was nervous, so acted like he did not think much of his fellow recruits. Despite this, he answered their questions regarding Nirama and his organization. Jasper was not helpful when the transport came under attack. However, the attack was unfruitful and no-one in the ship was harmed.[1]

Once the ship reached Nirama's public asteroid, the guards took Jasper to a room, while the other recruits were led to a different one.[1]

Due to his little talents, Jasper was sent to Darkside, an asteroid repair station in the Cularin system asteroid belt. There, Jasper was approached by the local members of The Cell, a faction wanting to oust Nirama. As they were the first people to show any interest in Jasper, offering him a place and purpose, he decided to join and do his best. The local Cell was not respected in Darkside, being mostly considered a bunch of juvenile delinquents. Extra-planetary Cells were more powerful, but Jasper had no access to information about them.[2]

Working for surviving Cell leaders Ahlya, Dor Balse, Kruss Gaal, Jarrilyn and Michael, Jasper was nevertheless relegated to minor tasks, such as trying to recruit some local Wookiees. He did have trouble with this, even though he invited them to have dinner several times. During this time, Jasper also became familiar with legends about the shadow lurkers and was afraid of them, unaware that he was safe.[2]

Jasper also tried to recruit more prospective members during a payday, including the people he had traveled with when he joined the Organization. These people were really Nirama's undercover agents trying to capture the local Cell leaders. Jasper's activity led to the capture of at least some of his friends, who were then questioned by Nirama about other Cell members and eventually captured and taken to Nirama.[2]

His implication in The Cell and subsequent capture were public knowledge less than one month later.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

When recruited, Jasper had an over-inflated sense of his own worth, although his only skill was a better-than-normal knowledge of Nirama's criminal Organization and the ability to speak Shyriiwook. Specially when nervous, he was prone to verbally belittle any person he was with.[1]

Once he had joined the Organization and had been sent to Darkside, he discovered his own insignificance and became more humble. When approached by The Cell, he became infatuated with them, respecting his managers. However, his poor performance did little to impress The Cell, or any other person in Darkside.[2]

Jasper was prone to motion sickness and hated space travel.[1]


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