"The pup died trying to defend you. An honorable death. Though, he would have died in any case."
―Darth Kruhl, to Rikkar-Du[1]

The Codru-Ji male Jassar was the son of clan chief Rikkar-Du and a woman named Tassa on the planet Munto Codru. He was still in his species' juvenile wyrwulf form in the year 137 ABY, when the Sith Lord Darth Kruhl came to Munto Codru and requested that an Imperial base be built on the world. Rikkar-Du's defiance of the Sith resulted in his entire family being targeted for death, and Jassar was slain by Kruhl while trying to defend his father from the Sith Lord's blade.


"Jassar! Why didn't you stay with your mother? Oh, Jassar…!"
―Rikkar-Du, following Jassar's death[1]

Jassar attacks Darth Kruhl in defense of his father.

Jassar was a Codru-Ji male who lived on his species' homeworld of Munto Codru. The son of clan chief Rikkar-Du and Tassa, who was herself the daughter of another clan chief, Jassar was still in the Codru-Ji juvenile wyrwulf form in the year 137 ABY.[1] As a hexapedal canine, he would pupate in a cocoon upon reaching puberty, before emerging as a bipedal, humanoid adult.[2]

The year 137 ABY saw Darth Kruhl, a Sith Lord of the One Sith and Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, approach Jassar's father and request that an Imperial base be built on Munto Codru. In exchange, he would help install Rikkar-Du as leader of all of the world's clans. Instead, Rikkar-Du informed a group of other clan chiefs of Kruhl's plans and proposed that they unite in order to oppose the Sith–Imperials. Jassar and Tassa met him outside of a temple afterward, where Tassa's support for her husband led to a romantic moment. Rikkar-Du resisted kissing his wife, however, so as not to embarrass Jassar, and told her to take their son back to their tent at camp while he gathered his thoughts inside the temple.[1]

After arriving home, Jassar decided he wanted to be with his father[3] and left to join him in meditation.[4] After Jassar's departure, Tassa was visited at home by Kassek-Ka, a clan chief who had secretly promised Darth Kruhl to eliminate Rikkar-Du if he ended up opposing the Sith.[3] Rikkar-Du's entire family had become targets of Kruhl following the clan chief's defiance, and Kassek-Ka killed Tassa. Meanwhile, Jassar entered the temple and found Kruhl about to kill Rikkar-Du with a lightsaber. The wyrwulf attacked the Sith, and Kruhl slew Jassar in front of his father's eyes before striking down Rikkar-Du.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Tassa: "You have no romance in you at all, husband. Just shut up a moment and kiss me!"
Jassar: "Wurrrf!"
Rikkar-Du: "Sorry, Tassa—it seems we're in danger of embarrassing our son! Perhaps it's best you take Jassar back to camp."
―Jassar interrupts a tender moment between his parents[1]

Jassar was a brown-furred wyrwulf who, by 137 ABY, had not yet developed the ability to speak beyond barks and growls. He became embarrassed by an impending kiss between his parents,[1] but soon thereafter he hoped to join his father in meditation.[4] Jassar attacked Darth Kruhl in an effort to protect Rikkar-Du from the Sith Lord,[1] and, although he was strong, the wyrwulf was no match for Kruhl's command of the dark side of the Force.[4] Kruhl believed that Jassar's death had been an honorable one.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jassar first appeared in Star Wars canon in May 2007, when he was featured in the thirteenth issue of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy. The issue was written by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema, and pencilled by Colin Wilson.[1] Jassar later received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[4]



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