Javarican espresso was a beverage[2] that originated in the Javarica system,[1] a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Tynquay sector.[3] After one midnight on Odacer-Faustin—a frigid planet[2] in the Outer Rim's Esstran sector[4]—in 3645 BBY, Human mechanic Pergus Frode sat back in the control booth of the Odacer-Faustin Sith academy's main hangar holding a reheated cup of Javarican espresso and a datapad showing the Hot Ships holomag. The mechanic, fearful of punishment, had felt obliged to stay up late to watch over the starship of a bounty hunter hired by Darth Scabrous, headmaster of the Sith academy. While Frode took shelter in the warmth of his booth with the beverage and the holomag, he was informed by Scabrous' HK-series assassin droid that the hunter would never return, and so he set out to scavenge the ship for himself.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Javarican espresso appeared in the 2011 novel Red Harvest, written by Joe Schreiber.[2]


Notes and references[]

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