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Javin was the capital and namesake of Javin sector and the subsequent Greater Javin Region, along the Corellian Trade Spine.

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Javin was once a prosperous Mugaari colony, boasting a population of Mugaari only second to their homeworld Mugaar. Along with the other Mugaari planets, Javin prospered from Republic traders trading directly with the Mugaari, for both Mugaari products, as well as trade goods from the Nothoiin and Lutrillian inhabitants of the region which would come to be known as the "Greater Javin" region of the galaxy, which the Mugaari controlled direct trade with. However, the Mugaari control over the region would become threatened by Republic scouts and traders who sought to eliminate the Mugaari middlemen, and trade directly with the Nothoiins and Lutrillians.

Several centuries before the Battle of Yavin, a short, one sided conflict would boil over between the Mugaari and the Republic, which was decisively won by the Republic. This would cause a mass departure of Mugaari from the planet Javin, allowing mostly Human Republic traders, cartographers, businessmen, and industrialists to take control of the world; although the Mugaari would still make up one third of the planet's population.

It was from Javin that early spacers began extending the Corellian Trade Spine, connecting the Mugaari worlds of Aztubek, Kumru and High Chunah with the formerly backwater worlds of Kirtarkin, Mexeluine, Gerrenthum, and Isde Naha It soon became the governmental hub of the Greater Javin region, and it continued to grow after Ecclessis Figg extensively mapped the region until his death around 400 BBY.

Although Javin itself may be outshone by its Figg controlled neighbors of Gerrenthum, and Bespin, it remained the main source of Imperial power during the Galactic Civil War, as it was home to the only Imperial strong hold in the region. Its space platform designated D-34 scrutinized all Corellian Spine space traffic for military violations. Javin also periodically sent out a small task force to periodically chase off pirates that hid among the isolated worlds of the Ison Corridor.

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