A Jawa camp was a type of Jawa settlement on Tatooine. A common misconception among outlanders was that Jawas lived their entire lives aboard their treaded homes. Their gigantic sandcrawlers did serve as mobile sanctuaries, but they were ultimately scouting vehicles that allowed Jawas increased mobility in gathering scrap and selling and trading their wares.

Vital water-gathering gear and other survival equipment was eventually brought back to stone and metal fortresses deep in the Tatooine deserts. These settlements were built to protect the Jawas from Sand People or roaming krayt dragons. Fortresses were typically constructed around a cistern and a means of preserving the water within. Since Jawa chiefs were usually aboard the roaming sandcrawler, the highest ranking Jawa within a fortress was a female shaman.

Jawas also maintained more temporary shelters when multiple sandcrawlers convened to do business. On a large scale, the Jawas held an annual swap meet prior to the Tatooine storm season, wherein the scattered Jawa clans collected to trade goods, tell stories and even exchange sons and daughters as "marriage merchandise."

In 22 BBY, Anakin Skywalker who was riding on a swoop bike through the desert from the Lars homestead stopped at the camp to ask the Jawa chieftain directions where the Tusken Raider Camp was as his mother was being held captive and tortured by them.



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