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"Just screech—nobody will know the difference!"
Meekerdin-maa to Bomo Greenbark, while disguised as Jawas on Orvax IV[2]

Jawaese was the native language of the Jawa species from Tatooine. It was mainly composed of meaningless syllables, supported by pheromone produced scents, which allowed it to be understood. Jawa communication was based in these scents to such a high degree that the scent a Jawa gave out could tell others about that Jawa's mood.

Jawaese was a random variable language.[3]


―A commonly used Jawa expression[1]

Because the Jawas were known for bargaining with other species, they created a simplified form of their own language, the Jawa Trade language, to speak with Humans and many other species. The Jawa Trade Language did not require the use of pheromones in order to communicate.

Jawa Trade language, much unlike the rough barking of the Tusken Raiders, could be more easily learned by Humans. The language was spoken very quickly and had been described as jabbering.

Notable speakers of Jawa Trade language[]

Known phrases[]

  • A beton nya mombay m'bwa! This is mine, all mine!
  • Bo Shuda! - (n/a)
  • Bowa Zootaneenee! - (n/a)
  • Etee uwanna waa. I want to trade.
  • Go mob un loo? How much for this?
  • Guauk Wa Neenee Cha Ba? - (n/a)
  • Ikee go cona. I will take the insurance.
  • Ikee nyeta go cona. I will not take the insurance.
  • Ikee weeza tuputa _____ baba. I will be returning in _____ days.
  • Ikeen nwab ba Ah-lyo ooh Ah-ho peetwooza? Is this an A6 or full A8 repulsor in-line power plant?
  • Ikeena mee koosa ha speeda. I would like to rent a speeder.
  • Kuh kiminay po luza? Do you offer road service?
  • Kuminee bok cuza _____? How far to _____?
  • M'gasha. Too much.
  • Mob un loo? How much?
  • Mombay m'bwa. That is mine.
  • Ny shootogawa! Don't shoot!
  • Ogama ho miketa keezo? Does that include unlimited mileage?
  • Omu`sata. Shut up.
  • Ookwass dok pundwa keena? Where is the nearest fuel station?
  • Steika Ba! - (n/a)
  • Shumeneez un toyneepa. Show me the credits.
  • Tandi kwa! Give it back!
  • Togo togu! Hands off!
  • Ushabia namba kee koolee? Does it have air-conditioning?
  • Utto nye usabia atoonyoba? Want to buy a used droid?
  • Ya e'um pukay. I won't sell.
  • Yanna kuzu peekay. This is not for sale.
  • Yukusu kenza keena. Let's make a deal.
  • Zookeyneee Wa Na Be. - (n/a)

Most known words[]

  • Ashuna Go.
  • Ayafa Clan.
  • Baba Days.
  • Bazzok Cook.
  • Bok Far.
  • Bom'loo Bargain.
  • Bopom Kova Mountain.
  • Chikua Them.
  • Cirkoza Encampment.
  • Dikwass Cliff.
  • Dooka Junk.
  • Eyeta Friend.
  • Gogowa Run.
  • Gomjam Always.
  • Ha'mfoo Burn.
  • Hazamuzee Chant.
  • Hkeek nkulla A particularly disparaging Jawa curse.
  • Hunya Enemy.
  • Ibana Yes.
  • Ikee I.
  • Ja'bo'ba Jedi.
  • Jar k'osa Large.
  • Jubinloo City.
  • Kebee'oto Long ago.
  • Keeza Weapon.
  • Kiizci Cave.
  • Kiluyak Cloud.
  • Ko lopo Broken.
  • Kurruzza Repair.
  • Lopima Stars.
  • Lo'wassa Sail barge.
  • Mambay Okay.
  • M'nuta Hole.
  • M'tuske Steal.
  • M'um m'aloo Greetings, Hello.
  • Nekkel juuvar obwegadada Jawa curse.
  • Neng ooka Yesterday.
  • Nufuzu Below.
  • Nyeta No.
  • Okka Up.
  • Oko Cold.
  • Ookwass Where.
  • Opakwa Spare parts.
  • Perupa Pray.
  • Pibboz Warm.
  • Ratapa Knife.
  • Ra'ti A curse word.
  • Reve Ship.
  • Rubac Rust.
  • Sabioto Stop.
  • Shanay Sleep.
  • Shootogawa Shoot, Blast.
  • Sooga Food.
  • Speeda Speeder.
  • Taa baa Thank you, Thanks.
  • Tando Fix.
  • Theek Run.
  • Tilba Above.
  • Toineepa Credit.
  • Tomo She.
  • Ton ton Sand.
  • Ubanya Good day, Good-bye.
  • Ugama Bantha.
  • Umka Walk.
  • Umpee Empire.
  • Upezzo Market.
  • Utinni Wow.
  • Uwanna Want.
  • Vapoosza Vaporator.
  • Waff'mla Desert.
  • Wass Hot.
  • Ysas Equal.
  • Yuyu Right.

Counting in Jawaese[]

  • 1 Po
  • 2 Ko
  • 3 Kyo
  • 4 Yo
  • 5 Dyo
  • 6 Lyo
  • 7 Does not exist in Jawa arithmetic[15]
  • 8 Ho
  • 9 Toe
  • 10 Kisewa
  • 100 Gakisewa
  • 1000 Hakisewa
  • 100,000,000 Jo jo muma

Behind the scenes[]

Jawaese was first heard in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Ben Burtt developed the language for the Star Wars saga. He was drawn to several African languages, in particular Zulu. After recording several individuals who spoke Zulu, Burtt wrote a script patterned on the various sounds he heard and had actors re-voice them for the films. The "recordings were sped up to raise the pitch and accelerate the flow of words" to give us the Jawa language with which we are familiar today.



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