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"Sharky's gang has reportedly already cracked the market, and if Bettle and Jaxa can find Doc and get the Mallixer souped up, we figure they'll be making the run as well."
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Jaxa was a smuggler who, along with teammate Bettle and their ship, the Mallixer, became notable in smuggling circles.


When the Galactic Empire cracked down on Ralltiir, Bettle and Jaxa became one of many groups of smugglers who attempted to run the blockade.[2] However, that venture didn't pan out, and they began marketing slugthrowers to warring species located beyond the Corporate Sector; this job was more successful, and they brought back a full cargo of canta salt and havao tabacc, though the Mallixer was damaged in the process.[3]

Eventually, however, Bettle insisted on aiding the Alliance to Restore the Republic, beginning by restarting their gunrunning venture to Ralltiir. Jaxa was quite unhappy with the risk, an unhappiness that was exacerbated by the near-capture of the Mallixer by Imperial forces[4]; this unhappiness apparently led to the two splitting up for a while, though they soon worked out their disagreements and were operating as a team again to make the "Spirva Run," smuggling items from Galladinium's Datalog to rioters in Spirva sector.[5] During their career, the pair visited at least thirty-four shadowports around the galaxy.[6]

Bettle got caught up in the Rebellion itself, working with her father Jerell in the Ralltiir resistance; it is unknown if Jaxa was talked into this as well, or if Bettle and Jaxa went their separate ways for a time. Eventually, Ralltiir fell to New Republic forces, and the team of Bettle and Jaxa returned to the smuggling profession.[7]

During the Thrawn campaign, Talon Karrde formed an organization known as the Smugglers' Alliance, and Bettle and Jaxa eventually joined it. When the New Republic declared the Moruth Doole regime of Kessel to be illegitimate, the Smugglers' Alliance was cleared to occupy the world; Bettle and Jaxa were responsible for developing preliminary distribution plans for the glitterstim market.[1]

Behind the scenes

Jaxa first appeared in the premiere of the "Galaxywide NewsNets" feature in Star Wars Adventure Journal 3, written by Paul Sudlow. Along with Bettle, Jaxa continued to be a regular fixture of Cynabar's Infonet, along with other celebrities of the smuggling world such as Platt Okeefe, Doc, Lando Calrissian, and Han Solo.



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