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"Han? Han Solo? I'm twice the pilot he is. There— what did I tell ya? Could Solo pull off a landin' like that?"
―Jaxxon, while crash-landing the Rabbit's Foot[src]

Jaxxon, nicknamed Jax, was a male Lepi smuggler and captain of the Rabbit's Foot. He was an acquaintance of Han Solo, a fellow smuggler turned hero of the Rebel Alliance, whom he regarded as an inferior pilot.


Smuggling Prizzi's eggsEdit

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Jaxxon and the pirate Amaiza Foxtrain were hired by Prizzi, Queen of Livorno, to safely deliver the last eggs of her kind to Princess Leia Organa of the Rebel Alliance. Once aboard the smuggler's starship the Rabbit's Foot, Jaxxon and the queen realized that the eggs were not hers when they hatched, revealing hostile flying creatures. It turned out that Foxtrain had double-crossed him, slipping away with the real eggs.[2]

Nevertheless, Jaxxon managed to track her to the space-bound casino known as the Wheel, where the pirate was trying to sell the purloined eggs to the highest bidder. There followed a three-sided scuffle between Jaxxon, Foxtrain, and an agent of the Galactic Empire. Having released the flying pests from earlier on his former associate, the long-eared smuggler got away with the eggs. He then brought the precious cargo to Organa and Han Solo.[2]

Upon receiving Organa's thanks, Jaxxon asked his droid Mel to bring forth the eggs, which the robot accidentally dropped. While all reacted in shock, Jaxxon knew that he had been sent on a wild goose chase and that those eggs were fake as well. The Rebels then admitted that knowing the Empire were closing in on the eggs, they used Jaxxon's mission as a decoy while Solo smuggled the genuine articles in his own ship. Nevertheless, Jaxxon was glad to learn that not only the Alliance would pay him what he was owed, but that Solo himself would have to repair his ship.[2]

Rescued by LandoEdit

Following the Battle of Endor, Jaxxon was hired to free Rekk's Chancellor, Asera, on Rekkana. Unfortunately, he was captured by Commodore Visler Korda and his troops. Jaxxon was placed in prison but was able to send out a distress signal. He was then freed from the prison by New Republic General Lando Calrissian. Together, they freed Chancellor Asera. She told them that they needed to retrieve the Totem of Saglanost in order to restore the Rekk's hop. Jaxxon and Calrissian took Asera to the Millenium Falcon, but came under attack by several stormtroopers. Despite that, Jaxxon was convinced by Calrissian to steal one of the Empire's new Scuttlers. He used it to fight Korda and his troops until the scuttler fell apart. Jaxxon, Calrissian, and Asera were able to reach the Falcon, but chose to take the Rabbit's Foot to Hanna City on Chandrila.[1]

Mission to the Palpatine ArchiveEdit

Jaxxon @ Chandrila

Jaxxon meeting with Han Solo and Leia Organa on Chandrila

In Hanna City, Jaxxon spoke with, Solo, Leia, Calrissian, C-3PO and R2-D2 about the Totem's location at the Palpatine Archive in the Coruscant system. Jaxxon volunteered himself and his ship for the mission. With Calrissian and Asera, Jaxxon took the Rabbit's Foot to the Archive. Jaxxon posed as an Imperial officer and smuggled Calrissian and Asera in a statue into the Archive. Jaxxon was able to fool the analysis droid until he attempted to steal an artifact known as the Golden Agrooba of Metlok IV. Jaxxon came under attack by several Imperial Guards, who chased him. Jaxxon was able to steal one of the guards unifroms and met up with Calrissian and Asera at the Rabbit's Foot. Jaxxon was able to knock down the remaining guards and the droid. The three of them were able to escape the Archive with the Totem.[1]

Jaxxon, Calrissian, and Asera were able to return to Rekkana. There, Jaxxon, Calrrisan and the Rekks were able to sabotage Korda's computer-controlled TIEs and force his troops to surrender. Jaxxon was given his credits but was forced to give up the artifact he stole from the Archive to Calrissian. Jaxxon was convinced by Calrissian to consider joining the New Republic.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"How am I supposed to fly this thing with ya screamin' yer head off?"

With his long ears, large pair of buck teeth, and short green fur,[2] the Lepi[1] Jaxxon resembled a common rabbit, which owed him epithets such as "cottontail" or "green-ears." He was lanky and tall,[2] measuring over 1.80 meters.[3] He was fond of dewback steaks.[2]


Jaxxon wore a red jumpsuit with yellow stripes down the front, armored shoulders, white gloves and tall white boots. He carried two blaster pistols at his hips.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Hello? Anybody? I can hear you breathing!"
―Jaxxon, on a variant cover of Star Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes[src]
Star Wars Marvel 2015 Jaxxon Variant

Jaxxon on a variant cover of Star Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes

Jaxxon first appeared in Star Wars canon in "The Lost Eggs of Livorno," a comic penned by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Alain Mauricet that was published as the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures Annual 2018 on April 18, 2018.[2] Jaxxon was originally created for the Star Wars Legends Star Wars 8: Eight for Aduba-3, a 1977 comic written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Howard Chaykin.[4]

As early as 2014, Marvel Comics' Star Wars writer Jason Aaron mentioned the "giant bunny rabbit" as the Legends character he would most like to canonize.[5] Jaxxon was also featured on several variant covers, including one of Star Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes, produced by artist John Tyler Christopher,[6] one of Vader Down, Part I, made by Chip Zdarsky,[7] and one of Poe Dameron 1: Black Squadron, Part I, illustrated by David Nakayama.[8]

On March 19, 2018, a character resembling Jaxxon was seen on Ord Mantell in "Bounty Hunted," the sixth episode of the canon animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny's second season.[9] The same model was used again in the episode "Triplecross."[10]



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