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"♪ Come on and lose yourself now, everybody! ♪"
―Jay's song "Galactic Dreamer"[src]

Jay was a Force-sensitive human male former Jedi Padawan and singer following the Clone Wars. After fleeing Order 66 during a battle in the Clone Wars, he was found by the Hutt guitarist Geezer. He subsequently joined Geezer's band Star Waver, where he served as the lead singer. During his time with Star Waver, Jay kept his lightsaber.

At some point in the Imperial Era, Jabba Desilijic Tiure placed a bounty on Geezer for refusing to join Tiure's crime syndicate. The bounty hunter Boba Fett captured the guitarist for execution for his perceived transgression. Jay came up with a plan to rescue Geezer by performing a song to wide acclaim at the Mos Espa Grand Arena, thereby convincing Jabba not to execute Star Waver's Hutt performer.


From violence to vocals[]

"You! What are you?"
―Geezer meets a frightened Jay, who hesitates to reply.[src]

Jay fleeing Order 66

Jay was a human male who, due to his Force-sensitivity, became part of the Jedi Order,[1] eventually becoming a Padawan.[2] With the dawn of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems,[1] Jay was also made a Jedi Commander[2] in the Grand Army of the Republic.[1] In 19 BBY,[3] Jay was present for a battle between the Grand Army and the Separatist Droid Army.[1] Upon the issuance of Order 66,[3] which required all clone troopers to attack and kill the Jedi they had served under,[4] Jay fled the carnage[5] of the battle with his lightsaber in hand, falling into a vehicle which had a Hutt named Geezer aboard. The Hutt asked the Padawan what he was, and Jay looked around the vehicle to see musical instruments and other devices used by musicians and bands.[1]

Jay became the lead vocalist of Geezer's band Star Waver. In that band, Geezer played the flaming rumble bass guitar, a three-torsoed individual named Lan played the versatile cluster drums, the droid K-344 "Kurti" played the electrified dual guitars, and the droid V-5 mixed electronic sounds for their music. Throughout that time, Jay retained his lightsaber.[1]

Losing Geezer[]

"I can't just abandon him. After all we've been through…"
―Jay laments Geezer's capture[src]

Jay confronts Boba Fett to protect Geezer.

At some point during the Imperial Era, Jabba the Hutt put out a bounty out on Geezer over his refusal to join his crime syndicate. Star Waver was performing their song "Galactic Dreamer" at a concert when a group of bounty hunters led by Boba Fett attacked and interrupted the performance, seeking to collect the bounty. Geezer attacked the bounty hunter using the flamethrower functionality of his flaming rumble bass, and the Star Wavers retreated to their starship[1] The Rolling Gales.[6] However, Fett pursued them aboard Slave I and shot their ship down, leaving it in a state of needing repairs. The bounty hunter took Geezer with him to Jabba at blaster-point, and Geezer was to be executed for his perceived transgressions.[1]

Jay was distraught to see his friend taken away by a bounty hunter after all they had been through, and the former Padawan rushed out of The Rolling Gales to rescue Geezer from Fett with his lightsaber. Jay shook in fear but still tried to ignite his blade and attack Fett, but instead of activating, his blade produced electrical sparks which caused Jay distress and solemnity. Jay retreated to the ship, where V-5 played a recording of Star Waver's first rehearsal as a band. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jay ran out into the rain and cried out that in the end, they were just a band. At that moment, the rain abated and Jay thought of a plan by which they could rescue Geezer from execution as a band.[1]

Gambit in the Grand Arena[]

"We made a deal with Jabba to let us perform before he executes you."
―Jay to Geezer[src]

Jay, Kurti, Lan, and V-5 negotiated a deal with Jabba to perform one song with Geezer before his execution at the Mos Espa Grand Arena. The band members greeted the Hutt guitarist, who was held in stuncuffs by Bib Fortuna. Fortuna then released Geezer from his binders, and the Hutt asked in confusion what his friends were doing there, to which Jay and Lan explained that the band had made a deal with Jabba to allow them to perform one last song before Geezer's impending execution. Star Waver would perform with their instruments for a packed audience including Jabba himself, making it their largest audience ever thus far. Jay asked Geezer whether he would agree to perform. The Hutt agreed, and Jay passed his friend his flaming rumble bass guitar.[1]

Jay, K-344, and Geezer smile as Geezer learns he is not to be executed.

Guards, including Gamorreans, ushered the reunified band towards the platform on which they would perform. One Gamorrean guard saw and heard the definitive sound of Jay's lightsaber and stopped the singer before he could join the rest of the band onstage. The former Jedi told the guard to calm down, as his former weapon was now only a microphone. The guard then allowed Jay to join his bandmates in front of the crowd.[1]

The band played "Galactic Dreamer," which was recorded by Hologlide J57 cam droids and broadcast far and wide on Tatooine. The crowd roared with delight desiring an encore, and even Jabba and his entourage reacted positively. Jay boldly gave Jabba an offer, claiming Star Waver would become the most popular band in the galaxy and giving him the chance to be their first investor. The roar of the crowd convinced the Hutt crime lord to allow the band an encore instead of executing Geezer.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Jabba! We'll give you a chance! We're going to be the number one band in the galaxy. So then, how do you feel about becoming our first sponsor?"
―Jay, to Jabba the Hutt[src]

Despite his fear, Jay was willing to confront Boba Fett to save his friend.

Jay was a male human with light skin and gray eyes. He had brown hair during the Clone Wars.[1] Later, as the lead singer of Star Waver, Jay grew his hair longer and shaggy and changed its color to blue-gray.[5]

As a Padawan, Jay fled a battle of the Clone Wars in fear. After being taken in by Geezer and joining Star Waver, Jay grew to be close friends with the Hutt and the other members of their band.[1]

During his time with Star Waver, Jay remained more fearful of combat than his fellow band-members. When Boba Fett came to seize Geezer, the Hutt made a joke about Jabba wanting his autograph before enthusiastically attacking Fett with his flamethrower. Likewise, Lan and K-344 were quick to engage Fett's crew; skillfully using their instruments as weapons. In contrast, Jay quivered and hesitated to draw his lightsaber against the attackers.[1]

In spite of Jay's fear of fighting, he was willing to fight to defend his friends. When Boba Fett brought Geezer to Slave I, Jay confronted the bounty hunter with his lightsaber. Jay quivered in the rain afraid to engage Boba in combat, but nevertheless attempted to activate his Jedi weapon to defend Geezer. When his saber failed to activate, Jay thought of a plan to negotiate with Jabba to save his friend's life. Jay appealed to Jabba's desire for money and power, ultimately saving Geezer by convincing the crime lord that Star Waver would be more profitable to Jabba with all its members alive.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"Come on. Get up and help, Jay. You know how to fix things too."
―K-344 to Jay[src]

Jay leaps in the air with the Force.

As a member of the Jedi Order, Jay was Force-sensitive. Jay used the Force to leap high in the air as part of his performance at the Mos Espa Grand Arena. He was also a talented singer and guitarist and charismatic enough to work up a crowd. Jay utilized his ability to entertain and excite his audience to convince Jabba the Hutt not to execute Geezer. Instead, sensing the crowd's excitement and the potential profit of investing in Star Waver, Jabba allowed the band to perform an encore.[1]

Jay was capable of brandishing a lightsaber as a weapon. According to K-344, he was helpful at performing repairs on The Rolling Gales.[1]


"Calm down. It's just a mic."
―Jay to Gamorrean guards, regarding his microphone/lightsaber[src]

Jay with his microphone lightsaber

As a Padawan, Jay wielded a blue-bladed lightsaber in the Clone Wars. His lightsaber was damaged when he fell into Geezer's vehicle, after which he used it as a microphone. Jay attempted to fight off the bounty hunter Boba Fett with his lightsaber when Fett kidnapped Geezer, but his saber only produced sparks of electricity rather than activating its plasma blade, rendering Jay unable to rescue his friend in that way. Later at the Mos Espa Grand Arena, some of Jabba's Gamorrean guards mistook Jay's microphone/lightsaber for a functioning weapon, leading the singer to assure them that it was merely a microphone.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

«This character, Jay, ran away from the war in the past. He struggles a lot between being a Jedi and enjoying his music. By changing the lightsaber into a microphone, we tried to express Jay's wish strongly.»
―Director Taku Kimura, in Japanese[src]

Studio Colorido concept art for Jay

Jay was created for "Tatooine Rhapsody," a short film in the Star Wars: Visions series written by Yasumi Atarashi and directed by Taku Kimura of Studio Colorido,[1] and released for streaming on Disney+ on September 22, 2021. The character was first revealed in a trailer uploaded to YouTube on August 17, 2021[7] and was identified as Jay in a post on StarWars.com the same day.[8]

Jay was voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino in Japanese and by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the English dub.[1] In an interview for Disney+'s "Filmmaker Focus," Kimura said he had the inspiration to create the characters Jay and Geezer to express the power of music. While Geezer was a Hutt, he did not want to become a crime lord; loving his music and having the strength of will to leave his family. Similarly, Jay breaks free from the restraint of his Jedi past, wishing to "rock together" with his Hutt friend. Kimura recognized that music is central to Star Wars and wanted to change the genre to rock and roll while staying true to the series' theme and values. Kimura said his studio wanted to send the message to do what you want and not be caught up in the past; which is part of the stories of both Jay and Geezer.[9]

In an interview for the same "Filmmaker Focus" feature, Gordon-Levitt said he is a huge fan of both Star Wars and anime. The actor said to him, creativity means finding a centered place in oneself where you feel powerful by creating something. The character Jay has moments like that in the short film, and Gordon-Levitt loved voicing Jay as a character with the combination of music, creativity, and the Force. James Waugh, Lucasfilm Ltd.'s vice president of franchise content and strategy, said "Tatooine Rhapsody" is a great story about a band that needs their friend back. Lucasfilm executive producer Josh Rimes says the short film is a story of heartfelt friendship. He believes Star Waver exemplifies Star Wars' core theme of a "found family."[9]

The original soundtrack for "Tatooine Rhapsody," released digitally on October 15, 2021,[10] identified the title of the song that played during Jay's Clone Wars battle as "Order 66." As a result, it established that Jay was running from his own clone troopers, rather than battle droids.[11]


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