Jay Little is a developer and one of the lead designers of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying series and is one of the lead editors and proofreaders for several of the series adventure books. The series uses a method of "narrative play" to encourage players to participate in the narration of the adventure and to move players through Star Wars action sequences instead of relying primarily on the "relatively binary results" of dice mechanics.[1][2] Little also helped develop Edge of the Empire's Force system—in which Force Force-sensitive characters are required to maintain their connection to the Force—as well as an Obligation system that "represents a debt, nemesis, duty, or other motivating factor that drives [a] character's efforts on the fringes of galactic society."[3][4] Little also designed the unique system of dice that the game uses to focus more on supporting narrative play by progressively advancing the plot of an adventure and determining the consequences of the group's interactions in the Star Wars universe, and focus less on game mechanics.[3][1]

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