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"The Dhanis, they're a simple people. They breed a sad combination of traits that make them particularly vulnerable to manipulation. On a practical level, they have great difficulty holding multiple ideas simultaneously. We found the best way to steer them as we'd like is to offer alternatives. You put a number of options on the table, and they're so wrapped up in choosing, they fail to notice you've given them nothing they thought they wanted at the start."
―Jayhold Beehaz[2]

Jayhold Beehaz was an Imperial Military officer who served the Galactic Empire as the commandant of the Aldhani Garrison, headquartered on the Aldhani dam and Alkenzi Air Base on the planet Aldhani.


"This is not an inspection, it is a robbery! They've taken the tower and communications. They're holding hostages including my wife and son. They've already killed, and I am sure that they will do so again, which is why I am urging you to cooperate."
―Jayhold Beehaz[2]

Jayhold Beehaz served the Galactic Empire during its reign,[2] and by 5 BBY,[1] had been stationed on Aldhani for some time as the Aldhani Garrison's commandant. During a rebel mission on Aldhani, Commandant Beehaz hosted Colonel Soden Petigar, an Imperial engineer from Coruscant, as the garrison sought to relocate the Alkenzi Air Base closer to the Imperial headquarters on the dam. Beehaz had a family, consisting of his wife Roboda Beehaz, and his son Leonart Beehaz, who accompanied him in the base. Shortly prior to the Eye of Aldhani, Beehaz, his family, and Petigar were taken hostage by the Aldhani rebel infiltration team, resulting in the deaths of Petigar and eventually Beehaz after he succumbed to a heart attack while loading stolen credits aboard the Max-7 Rono box freighter at gunpoint.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"It'll all be much easier. The days of passing skins and ritual nonsense will be soon behind us. No great loss there. It's not as if there's much Aldhani civilization to even forget about in the first place."
―Jayhold Beehaz[2]

Jayhold was a human male with fair skin, dark eyes, and by 5 BBY, had graying black hair that was balding. He was overweight and incapable of even light labour which resulted in his poor health and ultimately his death. Jayhold looked down upon the native Dhanis, seeing them as a simple and prideful people to their own detriment, unwilling to accept change yet easily manipulated. He hoped one day to leave Aldhani behind and abandon the people's rituals and traditions that he had long took part in with great reluctance. He was stern with his family and expected them to adhere to the traditions and formalities of the Empire, even if it led to their own discomfort. However, he still cared for them, as he cooperated with the rebel infiltration team out of fear for their safety.[2]



Commandant Jayhold Beehaz in his ceremonial uniform, flanked by Lieutenant Gorn and Colonel Peltigar

Unlike other Imperial officer uniforms, Beehaz wore a modified double-breasted tunic with a pair of black boots, a belt, and a kepi cap. The tunic had an extended skirt, black epaulets, and a black collar. The sleeves were also black rather than the standard cloth until slightly past the wrist. During the day of the Eye of Aldhani, Beehaz outfitted his uniform with ceremonial garments, including a ceremonial belt and sash with black and white stripes, as well as a black cape with silver collar pins and silver epaulets. He had two kepi caps, one of which had a black visor with two white horizontal stripes. As a commandant in the Imperial Military, he used a single-rowed rank insignia plaque with four blue tiles followed by two red tiles.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Jayhold Beehaz was first pictured in the teaser trailer for the Andor television series, which was released on May 26, 2022.[3] He first appeared in "The Eye," the sixth episode of the series,[2] which aired on October 12, 2022.[4] He was portrayed by Stanley Townsend.[2]

Scenes on Aldhani were filmed at the Cruachan Dam and the surrounding mountains in the Scottish Highlands.[5] According to Faye Marsay, Vel Sartha's actress, the scenes were filmed during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.[6] The episode "The Eye" was originally going to begin with a speech given by Beehaz, which would establish the Imperials on the planet as arrogant and oppressive of the natives. The speech was also meant to remove any qualms the audience could have about the Aldhani rebels holding blasters to the officers' heads. When the scene was shot, there was too much bad weather in Scotland, but the crew decided to embrace the Akira Kurosawa look. The crew felt that they could not put the scene of Karis Nemik telling Cassian Andor he could not sleep after Beehaz's scene because it felt dreamier and did not feel like it felt in the script. One member suggested to move Nemik and Andor's scene to the beginning, and the two scenes ended up getting swapped.[7]



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