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"Jayk" was the nickname of a clone trooper who served the Galactic Republic as a clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. A member of the 1st Platoon, Jayk became a mercenary operating on Saleucami during the Galactic Civil War. Jayk was considered the smart aleck of the group.


Jayk was one of the millions of clone troopers created on the aquatic planet of Kamino for the Grand Army of the Republic, being trained for years as a standard trooper. During the Clone Wars, Jayk served as a rank-and-file member of the 1st Platoon before being retired by the Galactic Empire from active duty. Making off with caches of armor and weaponry, Jayk and other platoon members fled to the Outer Rim where they operated as a mercenary group. Basing their operations on Saleucami within Blackwind Crater, Jayk and the Platoon were hired as the long-term guards of the Veiled Sorority's base of operations in the crater. Because of the accelerated age of the clone army, Jayk was physically closer to the age of seventy or eighty then to his chronological age of forty. Carrying a blaster rifle, vibroknife, and worn armor; all standard issue from their time in the Grand Army, Jayk's sight had begun to diminish. By the time of the Sorority's conflict with the Zann Consortium, only four others were still alive out of the original twenty-seven troopers that survived the Clone Wars. Jayk was joined by Zeke, Oake, Rafe, and Tojo.[1]


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