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Jazbina was a planet with luxurious aromatic baths and sun crystals.


Jazbina was a firm supporter of the Galactic Empire; under an agreement, as long as Jazbina shipped ore to the Empire, the Empire would remain offworld, even paying a great deal of money for the ore.

Following the Battle of Yavin, the ruler of the planet, Prepredenko, contacted the Rebel Alliance claiming his planet would like to join them. He met with Luke Skywalker, who agreed to rescue his kidnapped daughter in return. Princess Syayna, however, was actually meeting secretly with Rebel agents, since her father was in reality still on the Empire's side.

Jazbina streets

The streets of a Jazbinan city

Skywalker led Prepredenko's soldiers directly to her, and she was put under house arrest. She was released, however, upon the arrival of Darth Vader, who imprisoned Prepredenko for supposedly executing Skywalker. With the help of Skywalker and of Rebel pilot Jal Te Gniev, Syayna defeated the Imperial forces with minimal bloodshed and drove Vader away.



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