The Jazbinans were humanoid sentients with feline traits indigenous to the planet Jazbina. They were ruled by an aristocratic family, headed by Lord Prepredenko in 0 ABY. Many Jazbinans were opposed to the rule of the Galactic Empire but resigned to its rule, doing little more than complaining among themselves over its transgressions. However, when Darth Vader had Prepredenko executed shortly after the Battle of Yavin and imposed direct Imperial rule, the masses rose against him, led by Princess Syayna, who was the former Lord's daughter, and the Rebel hero Luke Skywalker.

Biology and appearance[]

Older Jazbinan males

The Jazbinans were sentient bipeds who largely resembled Humans, although with distinctive feline traits. Each member of the species had an anthropoid body characterized by a torso, and a head, two arms ending with five-fingered hands and two legs ending with feet. The hands sported four clawed fingers each, one of which was an opposable thumb. The face featured a mouth full of white teeth, two tapered ears, a cat-like nose and two forward-facing eyes, which were often brown and could shed tears. Hair crowned the skull of both sexes, varying from blond to brown and often turning white with age. Male individuals also sported hair on the face and forearms.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Jazbinans only appeared in the last three issues of Vader's Quest, a 1999 miniseries of comics written by Darko Macan and drawn by Dave Gibbons.



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