"Not every Journeyer will complete their Great Journey. Some will fall victim to Tython's many dangerous landscapes or creatures. Some will lose themselves. Some may even lose their way in the Force and leave Tython far behind, scattering out to the system, lost in a much more fundamental way. But as Je'daii we must accept this, because this is not an existence of absolutes. Life is a challenge, and facing that challenge is what makes the good great."
Je'daii Master Deela jan Morolla[src]

Je'daii Journeyer was a term which referred to a Force-sensitive who had finished their time at Padawan Kesh as a Padawan on Tython and were tasked with traveling to each of the nine Je'daii Temples of the Je'daii Order and mastering the skill sets of each institution as part of their Great Journey.

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A rank within the Je'daii Order, Journeyers were members who had successfully trained as a Padawan at the academy of Padawan Kesh and were thus eligible to study at each of the nine Je'daii Temples of Tython. Undertaking their Great Journey in their teens, each Journeyer was expected to travel by foot across the several continents which separated the Temples in order to meditate and learn survival techniques on their quest to become a Je'daii Ranger. Tasked with studying at each of the nine Je'daii Temples, Journeyers should master the disciplines of each Temple, training under the great masters before moving to the next temple.[2]

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