The Je'daii Temples were the nine temple-cities that were erected across the many continents of Tython by the Je'daii Order around the landing points of the mysterious and ancient Tho Yor. Central to the training of each member of the Order, each young Je'daii Journeyer was tasked with undertaking a Great Journey to each of the nine temples in order to learn from the masters and instructors there before ascending to the rank of Ranger.

The Nine TemplesEdit

The Nine Je'daii Temples on Tython were:

The most sacred Temple was that of Akar Kesh which was located in and atop a great monolith which rose out of the earth and was marked by eight great rivers which flowed from its summit and down its sides. Hovering above the monolith was the largest of the Tho Yor, and the Temple of Balance sat beneath it. On the continent of Talss there were at least three Temples; Kaleth, Anil Kesh and Vur Tepe. Straddling the Chasm was the Temple of Anil Kesh, the Temple of Science, which was located several kilometers east of the Old City, which was located in the southern Red Desert. The Je'daii temples of Kaleth, the Temple of Knowledge and Vur Tepe, the Forge were located on the same continent and separated by the vast Tythos Ridge.

On the continent of Thyr, rocky plains and the strange Stark Forests separated the Thyrian Ocean from the Silent Desert which housed the expansive Temple of Force Skills, Qigong Kesh. The Temple of Martial Arts, Stav Kesh was located on a continent south of Thyr known as Kato Zakar high in the Ice Giant Range. The island of Masara was located south of Thyr and was home to Bodhi, the Temple of the Arts which was located along the southern coast beyond the Edge Forest. The Je'daii Academy of Padawan Kesh was located some distance from Bodhi on the same continent. In the midst of the Deep Ocean stood the Temple of Healing, Mahara Kesh which boasted the finest medical facilities on the planet.



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