"Oh, yes. Jebble—the waypoint"

Jebble was a frozen world located in the Ojoster sector of the Outer Rim. A target for ice miners, Jebble served as a resource world for the nearby ecumenopolis of Taris, and fell under threat when the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader hordes began encroaching upon Taris in the early weeks of their war with the Galactic Republic. When the Mandalorians finally struck, they swiftly captured Jebble and turned it into one of their main Outer Rim staging points, the place where the Mandalorians gathered thousands of local recruits for a planned raid on Alderaan. However, that army met with disaster in 3963 BBY: after the Mandalorian scientist Pulsipher brought a mysterious Sith artifact known as the Muur Talisman back to Jebble, the Talisman's dark influence turned nearly the entire population of Mandalorians into monstrous, mutated rakghoul beasts. Mandalorian Field Marshal Cassus Fett elected to deal with the problem by obliterating Jebble's surface with a massive salvo of nuclear bombs, wiping out all life on the planet and drastically altering Jebble's ecosystem. The only survivor of the blasts was the current holder of the Talisman, Jedi Shadow Celeste Morne, safely ensconced in the life-preserving stasis chamber called Dreypa's Oublietteby the time Jebble had regained its icy landscape, the capsule was unearthed and the "Jebble Box" became an object of intense intrigue around the galaxy for years.


"And I didn't know Jebble was so cold! Aren't you freezing?"
"For a Snivvian, this is balmy.
―Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph[4]

Located along the Mandalorian Road in the Outer Rim's Ojoster sector, and in the system of the same name, the planet Jebble[2] was a frozen world that had at least one moon.[3] Jebble was almost completely covered in ice, which formed into massive peaks interspersed into wide, frozen plains. As such, Jebble's climate was extremely cold,[4] although the planet underwent a rapid environmental transformation after the planet's bombing by the Mandalorian strategist Cassus Fett in 3963 BBY. Fett's bombs flooded much of the world, and while the planet was not devoid of ice, only some peaks remained that were tall enough to break through the planet-wide sea.[3] However, the world eventually regained its original frozen terrain within several millennia of the bombings.[7]


Frontier target[]

"Every recruit from the Outer Rim must be here! It's not just a raid on Alderaan. They're going to invade. Worse—they're going to infect. Unless we do something—the rakghoul plague has just gone galactic!"
―Celeste Morne[4]

Thousands of Mandalorian recruits assembled on Jebble in the immediate aftermath of the planet's capture.

Along with the planets of Tarnith, Vanquo and Suurja, Jebble served as a resource world for the nearby ecumenopolis of Taris, a heavily populated planet which was a hub for business in that area of the Outer Rim.[8] That proximity began to threaten Jebble in 3964 BBY, when it found itself on the front lines of the nascent war between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. After a long campaign conquering unaligned worlds on the Outer Rim, the Mandalorians began encroaching on Republic territory, specifically threatening Taris, which by then had become a full member of the Republic,[1] and its resource worlds, including Jebble.[8] In response, the Republic Navy organized forces into a security cordon known as the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line—Jebble was one of the eponymous worlds on the line, which saw heavy fighting in the early stages of the war.[1] The constant battles caused many of Jebble's inhabitants to flee to other nearby planets, including the mining world of Vanquo.[6] The stalemate was broken when a massacre on Taris caused the breakdown of social order and the removal of the Jedi presence on the planet, which Mandalore the Ultimate took as a signal to finally attack the planet in force. The Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line quickly proved indefensible, and the Mandalorians laid siege to and conquered Taris without facing serious Republic opposition in 3963 BBY.[9]

Soon afterward, the Mandalorians set their sights on Jebble, which they conquered as well and turned into one of their centers of power in that sector of the Outer Rim. The Mandalorians repurposed Jebble's Ice Citadel as a war forge and a laboratory for Pulsipher, a top Mandalorian scientist who was studying the source of the powers of the Jedi.[4] In addition to being the site of Mandalorian ice mining activity,[10] Jebble soon took a greater importance to the Neo-Crusader war effort as a staging area for thousands of Mandalorian recruits who were being organized and prepared for a planned raid on the Republic pillar of Alderaan. However, events on Jebble took a major turn when Pulsipher returned from an expedition on Mandalorian-held Taris with an ancient Sith artifact known as the Muur Talisman in tow. Pulsipher was ignorant of the Muur Talisman's true power:[4] created by the ancient Sith Lord Karness Muur to bring nearby beings into his thrall,[3] the Talisman was the source of the affliction known as the rakghoul plague, which turned those infected into mindless, mutated beasts called rakghouls. When the Talisman bonded with Pulsipher upon his return to Jebble, it turned the warriors who came into contact with him into rakghouls under his command—and under the influence of the trinket's power, Pulsipher began to envision a future where he used the Talisman to unify all living beings under the Mandalorian banner.[4]

Graveyard of the damned[]

"Vor entye, Zayne Carrick. You are free to go. Cassus Fett—and the Mando'ade—are in your debt. Re'turcye mhi."
In my debt? They wiped out their own people! I wanted them to stay away! Never this—"
"To stop the infection, Cassus amputated the limb. Very like him.
So many in one stroke…"
―Cassus Fett, Zayne Carrick and Rohlan Dyre after the destruction of Jebble[3]

Celeste Morne commands her army of rakghouls on Jebble.

At Pulsipher's beckoning, the rakghouls tore through the thousands of Mandalorian warriors and recruits gathered on Jebble, quickly killing or infecting nearly everyone in the vicinity of the Ice Citadel with the mutating plague. Two of the only survivors were a pair of Jedi, Celeste Morne and Zayne Carrick, who had stowed away on Pulsipher's shuttle from Taris. Fearing that the outbreak could cause the disease to go galactic, Carrick used the complex's communications dome to warn chief Mandalorian strategist Cassus Fett to keep his forces away from the world, before being captured and led back to Pulsipher. When Morne attempted to save him, the Talisman moved with a mind of its own and abandoned Pulsipher—who was subsequently ripped to shreds by the beasts he once commanded—and bonded with her instead.[5] Although Morne was nearly seduced by the Talisman's power, she soon realized the tremendous potential for destruction it contained, and willingly placed herself inside the stasis casket known as Dreypa's Oubliette which Pulsipher had kept in his laboratory. The oubliette contained the power of the Talisman, briefly causing the rakghouls to revert into mindless, rampaging beasts—however, Carrick and his Snivvian friend Marn Hierogryph narrowly managed to escape death when several of their friends arrived in time to spirit them away on the starship Moomo Williwaw.[3]

Almost immediately after Carrick and the Williwaw made it into orbit, Cassus Fett arrived with a Mandalorian armada. Surveying the situation, Fett found what Carrick said about Jebble's rakghoul infestation to be true, and without delay called down a massive nuclear bombardment that destroyed all life on the planet and drastically changed the world's environment. After the bombs fell, Jebble was no longer covered in ice: much of the world was flooded, with some remaining icy crags poking above a steaming radioactive sea. However, one being survived the devastation: Celeste Morne, her oubliette remaining intact beneath the waves.[3] Although Jebble was completely devastated by the attack, it still received some visitors over the coming years. Several months after the bombardment, Carrick and Hierogryph tricked the Chevin criminal Nunk Plaarvin into going to Jebble alone, believing that he had an important meeting with the pirate group known as the Raff Syndicate—although Jebble's nuclear devastation was already common knowledge, the Chevin was ignorant of the planet's fate.[11] By approximately 1419 BBY, Jebble had returned to its old, icy terrain, and became a target for ice miners who discovered Dreypa's Oubliette under a kilometer of ice. Although the group of miners couldn't open it or discern its contents, they figured something valuable must be inside, which led one miner to kill the others and take the casket offworld for himself. The Oubliette, popularly known as the "Jebble Box," changed hands numerous times over the coming centuries, and blood was spilt more than once for possession of the mysterious object.[7]


"Zayne, how could anyone be alive down there?"

Celeste Morne places herself in Dreypa's Oubliette, which kept her alive on Jebble for millennia.

Despite its frozen condition, Jebble had a native population that included Humans, some of whom fled the world during the fighting in the early stages of the Mandalorian Wars.[6] After the planet's capture by the Mandalorians, Jebble became home for hundreds of Mandalorian warriors and scientists, who used the planet as a staging area for recruits from the Outer Rim.[4] Almost all the Mandalorians on the world were transformed into rakghouls after the Muur Talisman's introduction to Jebble in 3963 BBY, before Cassus Fett's nuclear bombardment killed them and any remaining life on the planet Jebble.[3] The only survivor of the nuclear attack was Celeste Morne, safely ensconced in Dreypa's Oubliette, who remained in stasis on Jebble for over 2500 years until the planet had become habitable again and she was discovered.[7]


"The war forge! The Mandies must use places like this to keep their invasion going! The Republic sure would be interested in this."
―Celeste Morne after first entering Jebble's Ice Citadel[4]
Ice Citadel

Jebble's Ice Citadel.

One of the defining structures on Jebble was known as the Ice Citadel, a fortress carved into one of Jebble's icy peaks that became the center of Mandalorian power on Jebble after the Neo-Crusaders conquered the world. The Citadel was entered from numerous igloo-like structures on the icy ground below, and overlooked large ice fields that served as a training ground for Mandalorian recruits. At the top of the Citadel was Pulsipher's laboratory, where the Neo-Crusader scientist researched many Force artifacts, and from where the rakghoul infestation on Jebble originated. After the Mandalorian seizure of the planet, the Citadel also became host to a large war forge, where armor to fit the various species of the thousands of new recruits to the Neo-Crusader killing force was made.[4] The Ice Citadel was surrounded by a series of ice mines that were in use by the Mandalorians and remained intact for several centuries after the Mandalorian bombardment,[10] and eventually were put back into use circa 1419 BBY.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

The planet Jebble first appeared in Knights of the Old Republic 26, an issue of the Knights of the Old Republic comic series written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2008.[4] Jebble was the primary setting for most of the Vector arc,[5][3] and later reappeared in a flashback in the later issue Dark Times 11, a continuation of the Vector story that crossed all of Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars comic series at the time.[7] In its appearances, Jebble was illustrated by artists Scott Hepburn[4] and Doug Wheatley.[7]



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