Jebevel Madon was the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic who succeeded Leontyne Saresh in 3633 BBY after she was term-limited. Saresh attempted to eliminate the term limits so she could serve indefinitely, but her efforts were foiled behind the scenes by the spymaster known as the Shroud. Nonetheless, Jebevel Madon was little more than a puppet ruler for Saresh. In 3630 BBY, near the end of Madon's first term, the Chancellor sent a message to the Commander after Saresh attempted to seize control of the Alliance, and Madon expressed distaste at Saresh's machinations and private support for the Outlander. Chancellor Madon resigned sometime afterwards, possibly because his past as Saresh's puppet came to light after her public downfall or for something else entirely. Galena Rans, wife of retired Supreme Commander Rans, a Mirialan female politician and military veteran, was elected as Interim Chancellor in the aftermath of Madon's resignation.

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If the player killed Jace Malcom during the Iokath storyline, a news broadcast in the flashpoint "A Traitor Among the Chiss" states that Chancellor Madon resigned, and the Republic had an interim chancellor named Galena Rans.[2]


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