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"We're not defined by what we lose. We're defined by what we survive."
―Jecki Lon, to Osha Aniseya[8]

Jecki Lon was a Theelin-human hybrid[4] Jedi Padawan who lived during the High Republic Era[6] in 132 BBY.[2] She was the Padawan of Jedi Master Sol and was calm and mature for her age.[5]


The Aniseya affair[]

"Why do you keep old holos of your former Padawan? This pastime encourages sentimentality and nostalgia. And both of these emotions can lead to—"
"Our memories are lessons. 'If we don't meditate on the past…'"
"'We're doomed to repeat it.'"
―Jecki Lon and Sol[6]

Born around 150 BBY,[1] Jecki Lon was at some point inducted into the Jedi Order, where she served as a Jedi Padawan apprenticed to Jedi Master Sol.[6]

In 132 BBY,[2] Lon intruded on Sol to relay Master Vernestra Rwoh for Sol to join her on the detention level. Having noticed her master observing a hologram of Osha Aniseya, his former Padawan, Lon questioned the activity as a sign of attachment. Sol expressed the belief that memories could serve as lessons, preventing mistakes of the past from occurring again, an assessment Lon completed for him aloud. Lon then departed with Sol.[6]

Later, Lon joined Sol in an effort to apprehend Aniseya, who was wanted as a suspect for the murder of Master Indara, on Carlac. As it was Lon's first mission, Sol opined the need for backup in the form of Yord Fandar, whom Lon believed often acted characteristically as himself. Sol and Lon found a surprised Fandar aboard their[6] Polan-717 Jedi transport[9] steaming his robes bare-chested, leading Lon to tell him to put his clothes on.[6]


Jecki Lon and Yord Fandar on Carlac

While traveling in hyperspace, Lon asked Sol about his connection to Aniseya, causing him to share details about their past on Brendok. When Sol mentioned that Aniseya had a twin, Mae, Lon wondered whether she could be responsible for the murder, which her master denied on account of Mae's death, an event he claimed to have witnessed firsthand.[6]

On Carlac, Fandar, Lon, and Sol explored the crashed[6] DTE-CSA-17 Calaboose prison ship Palwick[10] where Aniseya was held, tracking her through snowfall and into a cave. Sol prevented Aniseya from slipping off a ledge with the Force, who informed Sol that Mae was alive. The Jedi Master believed Aniseya, who left the cave with the trio.[6]

Investigation on Olega[]

"Uh, we secure the perimeter. Jecki stays on lookout, and I will confront this imposter. Stun him, if need be, then we bring him back to the ship for questioning."
"Or we skip that, and she just talks to him. If he's Mae's accomplice, we can send her in, she can talk to him. We can record and monitor the conversation. That way, we have a lead on Mae, plus we also get a confession from him. It seems like the most logical way."
―Yord Fandar and Jecki Lon[7]

On board the Polnan, Lon struggled with entering command sequences into a control console. Aniseya, who had slept in the medbay, suggested that Lon repolarize the ship's power couplings. Lon did so successfully and asked if Aniseya was a pilot, to which Aniseya clarified that she was a meknek, something Lon considered dangerous work meant only for R2 series astromech droids. Aniseya replied that she was better company and more flexible than a droid.[7]


Lon, Fandar, Sol, and Osha Aniseya

Master Rwoh transmitted a message to Sol, sending his team to investigate a break-in at the Jedi temple on Olega committed by an individual matching Aniseya's description. Lon accompanied Aniseya, Fandar, and Sol, who were greeted by a local Jedi. Another Jedi approached with a youngling who had activated the temple's gatekeeper droid. Lon questioned the youngling, who indicated that they had been paid by someone who they believed was Aniseya.[7]

The group followed the two Jedi into the Olega temple to speak to Master Torbin, only to find Aniseya, who had taken a shortcut, standing over Torbin's dead body. Aniseya offered an explanation, which Lon asked for, but Fandar defended her, having followed and watched her the whole time. Lon noticed that Torbin, who had ingested a poison, showed no signs of struggle, leading Sol to conclude that the Jedi Master had done so willingly.[7]

Aniseya told the others that the poison, bunta, did not last for long and must have come from nearby, leading Osha and the Jedi to surveil a nearby apothecary. Fandar suggested than Lon remained on lookout, but Jecki devised an alternate plan to use Osha and Mae's identical appearances to extract a confession from the shop keeper. Aniseya followed through, and the Jedi entered the apothecary, Lon informing the proprietor, Qimir, that they had recorded his admission of guilt. Sol questioned Qimir, who explained that Mae wanted revenge on four Jedi, before sending Fandar to secure the perimeter and Lon to the ship, intending to return later to catch Mae.[7]

That night, Lon remained on comms aboard the Polnan while Fandar kept watch for Mae. Fandar identified Mae and Sol confronted her, leading to a fight between the two. Lon brought the ship above the conflict and, shining a spotlight on Aniseya, declared her under arrest and ordered her to stand down. Mae fled, leaving Lon without a visual and, after a brief encounter with Osha, escaped completely.[7]

The Wookiee and the Sith[]

"You're under arrest for the murder of Master Indara, the murder of— The murder of Master Torbin, the murder of Master Kelnacca, and the fire that killed your family."
―Jecki Lon attempting to arrest Mae-ho Aniseya whilst fighting her.[3]

At the Jedi Temple, Lon trained with other students under the instruction of Jedi Master Lakshay. After the session, she was approached by Osha, who had come to say goodbye and thanked Lon for finding her sister and clearing her name, which the Padawan attributed to duty. Jecki implored Aniseya to stay, causing Osha to tease her about missing her, before observing that Osha cared about her twin. Aniseya promised to look Lon up the next time she was on Coruscant, offering to trade stories about Sol at a cantina. Lon asked whether Aniseya had spoken to Sol about her departure, which she did not want to, not wishing to trouble her former master.[8]

When Sol tried to look for Aniseya, Lon told her master that Osha had already left. He then decided to go look for her and eventually convinced her they needed her on their mission to Khofar believing she would be able to convince Mae-ho Aniseya to peacefully come with them. On board the Polnan, Lon accompanied Sol, Yord Fandar, Verosha Aniseya, Bazil, and a team of Jedi to Khofar in search of the Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca, Mae's next target. Verosha quietly conversed with Jecki about the group's tracker, Bazil, interrupting a mission briefing led by Fandar. Once on Khofar, Lon questioned an alien native using a translator, asking if he'd seen the Wookiee. While traversing the planet's forests, Osha told Lon about an aggressive creature that she disturbed that Sol subsequently killed. The Padawan expressed that witnessing death and transformation into the Force was an honor, and Aniseya decided that she could not accept death as a true Jedi should, troubled by her past experiences with Mae. Lon assured her that people were defined by the experiences they had survived rather than their grief and loss.[8]


Jecki battles The Stranger on Khofar

The Jedi found Kelnacca dead and were confronted by a dark figure wielding a red lightsaber—Mae's master. When Jecki questioned what it was, he used the Force to push her and the others aside.[8] Outside Kelnacca's abode, she ambushed an unsuspecting Mae,[3] who had come to turn herself over to the Jedi,[8] fighting her in hand-to-hand and attempting to place her in binders. Lon declared Aniseya under arrest, listing her crimes, but Mae continued to resist being placed into custody. Aniseya held a knife to Lon's throat, but the Padawn brought Mae to the ground and secured her binders.[3]


Jecki is impaled by the Stranger's hidden shoto

Jecki called Kelnacca's lightsaber to her hand, but quickly sensed danger, reaching for her own weapon. Attacked by the lightsaber wielder, the figure commended Lon's loyalty to Mae, who had intended to betray him. The Padawan fought the mysterious adversary, but his armor disabled her lightsaber, causing her to draw Kelnaca's blade. Lon's saber quickly re-activated, and she dueled her opponent using Kelnacca's weapon in conjunction with her own until he destroyed the end of the Wookiee's blade. The Jedi continued to fight alongside Sol. Defending Mae when her master attacked her, Jecki disarmed the opposing duelist—revealed as Qimir—of his helmet, before being stabbed three times in quick succession, killing her.[3]


"Was that its name?"
"She was a child."
"You brought her here."
―Sol and the Stranger[3]

Sol and Qimir spoke briefly about Lon immediately after her death. Sol berated Qimir for killing her, as she was only a child, but Qimir deflected the blame for her death back on Sol for bringing her into a combat zone.[3] Her body was later found by Vernestra Rwoh and Mog Adana when they and another group of Jedi arrived at Khofar, after Sol sent a distress signal. Rwoh told Adana to retrieve the corpses of Lon and her comrades, so they could receive a proper burial.[11]

Personality and traits[]


Jecki Lon trained as a Padawan of the Jedi Order

"Permission to speak freely, master?"
―Jecki Lon[6]

Jecki Lon was calm and mature for her age.[5] She consistently asked for permission from her Master to speak freely before doing so.[6]

Powers and abilities[]

Jecki knew how to Force push, utilizing the abilty against Mae Aniseya in their duel on Khofar. She was also quite skilled in Jar'Kai, as she was able to dual-wield her lightsaber with the lightsaber she retrieved from Mae, and hold her ground for some time against Qimir.[3]


"You took Master Kelnacca's saber."
―Jecki Lon to Mae Aniseya, taking Kelnacca's lightsaber[3]

As with many other Jedi during the High Republic Era, Jecki wore white and gold colored robes while at the Jedi temple. On her first mission with her Master she wore brown and gold field robes. She possessed a green-bladed lightsaber.[6] While training, Jecki wielded a Bokken saber.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

"I think I saw a lot of me within [Jecki Lon]—in her kind of perfectionism, and how hard she is on herself. Also, she was such a different character from Lyra and Laura and Anna; it was really fun to play this much more constrained, put-together person. That was a challenge for me because I’m not used to that."
―Dafne Keen[12]

Dafne Keen and Charlie Barnett on set of The Acolyte.

Jecki Lon was created for the 2024 Disney+ live-action series The Acolyte[4] and is portrayed by Dafne Keen.[13] Lon was initially shown in the first official trailer for the series on March 19, 2024[14] before simultaneously appearing in "Lost / Found" and "Revenge / Justice," the first two episodes of the series,[6] which were released on June 4 of the same year.[15]

It was a dream of series creator Leslye Headland to create a Theelin Jedi character, having loved the character of Rystáll Sant from the 1997 Special Edition re-release of the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, the last installment of the Star Wars original trilogy.[4] She also said a significant motivation was wanting to cast Keen, as she wanted "to see X-23 with a lightsaber."[16] Concept art for Jecki Lon depicts her as human.[17]

Keen stated that, in her mind, Jecki Lon developed a crush on Osha, and the actor played the character as such in the episode "Day." She describes her portrayal of the Jedi as an eighteen-year-old with limited interactions with others, developing such feelings—including the accompanying "guilt and confusion" given the Jedi Order's ban on attachments—for the first time. Keen also enjoyed playing Jecki Lon for the sense of competition and later friendship between her character and Osha.[18]



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