The Jedi Ambassador was a Jedi Knight who had followed the teachings of the Jedi Consulars. A specialization undertaken by a few, the Ambassador served as representatives of the Galactic Republic, and advisers to the Galactic Senate's members.


Unlike the Jedi Diplomat, Ambassadors rarely were involved in the making of treaties or signing of documents. Their job was to be the public face of the Republic, traveling as representatives to newly discovered worlds or to government palaces whose people wished to lobby for membership in the galactic government. Serving directly under the Council of Reconciliation, the Ambassadors worked alongside the Republic Diplomatic Corps, and were sent in ahead of other ships to ensure the that a planet's military would not designate them a threat.[1]

Occasionally, certain Ambassadors would be assigned as a personal adviser to a Galactic Senator. Requests for an appointed adviser could come from a Senator, and would be directed to the Reconciliation Council and the Reassignment Council for review. Many Supreme Chancellors requested a personal adviser, often someone they were close with or had past experiences with.[1] Sometimes, the Jedi Council may opt to assign a Jedi to the Supreme Chancellor rather than waiting to be approached. Such was the case at the conclusion of the New Sith Wars when Chancellor Tarsus Valorum was given a newly promoted Jedi Knight Johun Othone by Jedi Master Valenthyne Farfalla to assist him in matters until his term ended. In actuality, this was a move to show the Jedi Council's support for the recovery process of the Republic rather than to have a voice of the Council in the Senate.[5] Centuries earlier, Master Memit Nadill had served as adviser to Empress Teta during the Unification Wars (Koros).[4] Jedi High Council member Master Adi Gallia had a very close professional relationship with Chancellor Finis Valorum as of 33 BBY. Their relationship was opportunistic in that the High Council received an influx of information from the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.[6] Masters Jorus C'baoth,[7] Luminara Unduli, Kit Fisto[8] and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker all served as advisers to Palpatine. C'baoth helped Palpatine while he was a Senator, and Skywalker was appointed as war-time adviser during the Clone Wars. The latter relationship grew as Palpatine had planned, as he was actually the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious.[9] Ylenic It'kla was the personal adviser to Bail Organa between 19 BBY until his death on Alderaan in 0 ABY (albeit unofficially due to the Reassignment Council having been destroyed during the Great Jedi Purge).[3]



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