"So long as we have control, we'll explore the artifacts and histories stored inside. Imagine all we can learn about the Jedi and the Force."
Lana Beniko during the Assault on Tython[1]

The Jedi Archives, located within the Jedi Temple of Tython was founded during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire following the Jedi Order's relocation to their ancestral homeworld.


Following the destruction of the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, the Jedi High Council commissioned the construction of a new headquarters on their ancestral homeworld, Tython. During the three years it took to construct the Temple, the High Council tasked Lore Keeper Gnost-Dural with the daunting task of compiling a series of records for the Archives that would detail the history of the Great Galactic War, the conflict between the Order and its counterpart, the Sith Empire. Master Dural included nineteen records in his report to the Council, all of which were incorporated into the new Archives.


A large domed chamber located on the second story of the Jedi Temple's southeast cupola, the Jedi Archives consisted of twelve three tiered stacks that soared to the ceiling of the rotunda. The stacks ringing the chamber each had a holocron presented in a repulsor field before it. Small in comparison to the massive hall once found on Coruscant, the wide open space at the center of the chamber served as a study area for scholars, with five long tables spaced evenly around the room.



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