Jedi Command was the branch of the Jedi Order that oversaw communications received through the Council spire's topmasts and the Order's military conduct of the Clone Wars. It was centralized on Coruscant in the Jedi Temple. All transmissions to Jedi Command came through the Jedi War Room where it went through a pyramidal hierarchy to distribute information through the Temple's Holomap Rooms. Twelve teams monitored in detail very specific locations throughout the galaxy. Potential problems were then transferred to a different team to be scrutinized even closer. If the disturbance was in fact dangerous, this information would once again be transferred to the datascreens of senior Jedi, who would transfer all data to be plotted on the Jedi High Council's holomap within the High Council Tower.

The Security Act amendment stripped much of its authority and gave it to the Supreme Chancellor; the entire command system would later be eradicated with the execution of Order 66. It is unknown if Luke Skywalker reestablished this organization within the New Jedi Order.



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