Jedi Convocations, Jedi assemblies or Jedi conclaves were gatherings of members of the Jedi Order during times of crisis. Jedi were traditionally summoned to the convocation through a Force call. Convocations were quite rare, as they were often tempting—if somewhat suicidal—targets for enemies of the Jedi.

As of 3997 BBY, the great Jedi Master Odan-Urr had served as the spokesperson of the Jedi assemblies for six centuries. After Master Urr's death, the tradition of having one of the greatest of the Order act as spokesperson was continued by Jedi Masters Nomi Sunrider and Luke Skywalker respectively. Nonetheless, after the Conclave on Katarr, which was interrupted by Darth Nihilus absorbing and killing virtually every living thing on the planet, major Convocations were discontinued.[1]

Known ConvocationsEdit



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