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"I was not permitted to enter the chamber where the Jedi High Council sat. It was described as a circular room in one of the four towers where the Masters of the day met to discuss the affairs of the Jedi."
―An explorer, possibly Gammit Chond[3]

The Jedi Council Chamber, also known as Jedi High Council Chamber, was the meeting place of the Jedi High Council. It was located in the High Council Tower—one of the four Council Towers—of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.[4] After the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Temple was transformed into the Imperial Palace of Emperor Palpatine. Shortly afterward, the Emperor turned the Council Chamber into his private office.[2]


The Jedi Council Chamber contained twelve chairs, with each customized to suit the needs of the Masters. These chairs formed a ring around a fern-patterned floor.[5] This circular arrangement of the seats helped foster a sense that all members of the council had equal importance. The room had large windows that allowed in natural sunlight, bathing the council in the light of the Force.[6]

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