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The Jedi Council Forums, or JCs/JCF, are the message boards of the popular Star Wars website The forums cover a diverse range of fandom interests, from the films to the wider Expanded Universe, gaming, fanfiction and other fan activities. According to, the Jedi Council Forums are the 28th largest internet forum. Given its size and popularity, at various times the Jedi Council Forums has attracted a number of Star Wars VIPs—authors, artists, and editors—to post on the message boards. This interaction between the fans and the creators of Star Wars is a popular component of the site; however, it has caused problems on occasion, with a small number of VIPs ceasing to post on the forums due to various conflicts. These include both Troy Denning and Karen Traviss. This occasional animosity is despite the site's aim of providing "a family-friendly atmosphere of discussion for people of all ages."[1]


  • Star Wars Films - There are forums dedicated to discussing the films themselves. Each prequel movie had a forum dedicated to it, now that all three movies have been released, this has been condensed into the Prequels Forum. Likewise, there is a forum for the Classic Trilogy. There is also a forum called The Star Wars Saga, which discusses themes that envelope the series as a whole.
  • Lucasfilm Ltd. In Depth Discussion - This Forum is dedicated to talking about Lucasfilms projects other then Star wars like Indiana Jones, Red Tails, American Graffiti, Willow and more.
  • Star Wars Community - This forum is dedicated to talking about the Star Wars community and playing games that involve starwarss.
  • Star Wars TV - This Forum is dedicated to talking about Star Wars TV shows including Star Wars Rebels, Forces of Destiny, The Freemaker Adventures, The Clone Wars, Clone Wars and the classic shows like Droids and Ewoks.
  • Authors & Artists - This forum is dedicated to the Authors and Artists who officially contribute to the Star Wars Saga. There are many famous people who actually post here and interact with fans.
  • Collecting - This forum discusses all aspects of Star Wars collecting, ie: Toys, replicas, etc...
  • Games: Board and Videogames - This forum discusses all aspects of Star Wars games, across all platforms.
  • Expanded Universe - There are a number of forums dedicated to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. These include the Literature Forum, Literature Review Forum and the EU Community.
  • The Amphitheatre - This forum is a non Star Wars forum, and discusses all forms of Film, Music and Literature.
  • Your Jedi Community - The miscellaneous and largest forum of the Jedi Council Forums. Everything and anything posted here!!
  • Role Playing - These forums are dedicated to users who wish to participate in online role playing games. This section contains both The Non Star Wars Role Playing board, The Star Wars Role Playing Forum, and the Role Playing Resource Forum.

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