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Jedi Dawn is a "choose your own adventure"–style roleplaying book, written by Paul Cockburn and published, in the United Kingdom only, by Boxtree Ltd in 1993. It was the first part of The Lost Jedi adventure game series. The story was later collected along with The Bounty Hunter in The Lost Jedi Adventure Game Book.

Plot summary[]

In 1 BBY, Havet Storm inherits his grandfather's lightsaber and discovers that he has within him the potential to become a Jedi Knight. Running from the Imperial agents that killed his family, Havet arrives on the Planet Toprawa, location of a high-security Imperial Research Station. Shortly after arriving on the planet, Storm makes a personal enemy of Boba Fett and becomes embroiled in the Rebel Alliance's attempts to steal the plans to a frightening new Imperial superweapon.


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  • Dog (Mentioned only)
  • Fish
  • Lizard (Mentioned only)
  • Monkey (Mentioned only)
  • Panther (First mentioned)
    • Lanthan Panther (First mentioned)
  • Rat (Mentioned only)
  • Snake (Mentioned only)
    • Gallian cobra (First mentioned)
    • Tigersnake (First mentioned)
    • Vipergrass (First mentioned)
  • Spider (Mentioned only)
    • Athetian spider (First mentioned)
  • Wind-drone (First mentioned)

Droid models



  • Alderaan (Mentioned only)
  • Coruscant (Indirect mention only)
  • Havet Storm's homeworld (First mentioned)
  • Outer Rim Territories
    • Gordian Reach
    • Kalamith sector
      • Toprawa system
        • Toprawa
          • Al The Alchemist's (First appearance)
          • Broadwall (First appearance)
          • Imperial Research Station (First appearance)
            • Blue Security Zone (First appearance)
            • Green Zone (First appearance)
            • IRS Reception Building (First appearance)
            • Research Laboratories (First appearance)
            • Security Wing (First mentioned)
            • Toprawa Relay Station (First appearance)
          • Nova's shop (First appearance)
          • Riverside (First appearance)
            • 182 (First appearance)
          • Spaceport District (First appearance)
            • Toprawa's main spaceport (First appearance)
          • Toprawa City (First appearance)
            • Commercial District (First appearance)
            • Imperial Command Building (First mentioned)
            • Imperial Revenue Office (First appearance)
            • Imperial Road (First appearance)
            • Market Street (First appearance)
              • 525 (First appearance)
          • Tenson Printing Company building (First appearance)
          • Toprawa Rebel headquarters (First appearance)
          • Vattali's Repairs (First appearance)
    • Mos Eisley (Indirect mention only)
  • Ralltiir (Mentioned only)

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