The Jedi Diplomat was a Jedi Knight who had followed the teachings of the Jedi Consulars. A specialized task force of large group of Jedi, the Diplomats of the Jedi Order were sent into tense situations to force a compromise and end the threat of bloodshed.


Diplomats were skilled negotiators and wore their lightsaber as a reminder of their strength and authority. Diplomats were widely respected as peaceful beings who sought the simplest way in deciding upon the terms of a treaty. Related to the Jedi Ambassadors, the diplomats were known to take a more direct approach; not working as an intermediary, the Diplomats were the voice of the Republic and could make legal decisions based on their own experience and not having to report back to the Galactic Senate and ask for direction. Serving directly under the Council of Reconciliation, the Diplomats were assigned to work with agents of the Republic Diplomatic Corps so as to best negotiate for peace.[1]

The status of diplomat was seen once more in the reformed Order of Luke Skywalker following the Great Jedi Purge. Around 24 ABY, Skywalker suggested that his sister, future Jedi Knight Leia Solo pursue this course of study when she decided to fully commit herself to the Order.[1]



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