The Jedi Grand Council was an unofficial governing body of the Jedi Order's Jedi Lords during the New Sith Wars.


Formed apart from the Jedi High Council during the New Sith Wars, the Jedi Grand Council was not an official governing body within the Jedi Order and existed outside the jurisdiction of the High Council. Composed of those Jedi who had taken up the title of Lord in areas of the galaxy which they protected through the construction of feudal kingdoms and fiefdoms, the Grand Council made decisions on behalf of the collected group of Lords.[1]

When the Brotherhood of Darkness formed during the final decade of the war, the Grand Council came together for a final meeting and declared unanimous support for the Army of Light, the brainchild of Lord Hoth in response to the High Council's ineffectiveness. The decision placed all feudal holdings and their vassals under the command of Hoth as he chased the Brotherhood across the Outer Rim Territories and drove them to their final confrontation during the Ruusan campaign. The citizens who opposed the conception of the Jedi Lords were appalled by the Council's decision to unite them. The Council was disbanded after the end of the War during the Ruusan Reformations which completely restructured both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic.[1]

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The Grand Council was first introduced into Star Wars Expanded Universe, now Legends, in the 2012 publication of The Essential Guide to Warfare.


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