Jedi Headquarters was a building in New Republic City on Coruscant that served as a base of operations for Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. It was constructed over the preserved ruins of the Jedi Temple of the old Jedi Order.

History[edit | edit source]

The Headquarters building was a domed structure with a number of training rooms with a style apparently borrowed from the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. It was decorated inside with numerous carving and statues of Jedi. Whether these were commissioned for the building or moved from other locations is unknown. A ceremony to mark the wedding of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker was held in the Headquarters building.

This structure was destroyed during the invasion of Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 27 ABY. Its destruction revealed the foundations of the former Jedi Temple once more, which later became the site of Irek Ismaren's death.

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