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"I'm not looking for the Lost City to collect Jedi relics. I'm far more interested in the master computer that's said to be inside the Jedi Library."
―The pseudo-Kadann[src]

A Jedi Library was erected by the old Jedi Order on the moon of Yavin 4. It was part of the Lost City of the Jedi,[3] an undergound city and terraforming station that was built by the Jedi Order to nurture the moon's ecosystem back to health following the ravages of the Great Sith War.[1] The majority of the records contained in the library were located within a master computer that possessed files placed in there by the Jedi. The library's shelves also hosted antique books and handwritten documents. Ancient Jedi relics and artifacts were also preserved within cases.[2]

A hallowed building, the Jedi Library was flawlessy maintained by generations of droids that sometimes ventured to the surface to gather information and update the database. In 5 ABY, the Jedi Library's sleek and shiny floor was soiled for the first time in millennia, when a group of Imperial agents led by the so-called Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side Kadann stormed the place. The false Prophet and his troops were trapped inside the Library by the Rebel Alliance forces, and one of the stormtroopers accidentally destroyed the grand computer.[2]



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