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This article is about the Jedi training facility destroyed on Ossus in 3996 BBY. You may be looking for the Jedi Academy built on Ossus in 30 ABY.

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The Jedi Praxeum of Ossus was a training facility built by the Jedi Order within the city of Knossa, the cultural heart of the Order. A meeting place of the Jedi High Council and the primary location of the collective knowledge of the Order, the Ossus Praxeum served as a vital stop for Jedi serving on the galactic rim to stop and recuperate between assignments.


In the wake of the First Great Schism and the construction of the sacred shrine, the Eye of Ashlanae, the Jedi High Council saw fit to establish a praxeum high in the Eocho Mountains to house the pilgrims seeking out Ashlanae. Quickly becoming a prominent training ground, Jedi serving on the Outer Rim journeyed to the Praxeum in search of knowledge and assistance from the Masters residing there. Coming to house the bulk of Jedi wisdom, the Praxeum was the largest repository of scrolls and holocrons in the galaxy, until the construction of the Great Jedi Library circa 5000 BBY. The Jedi who established the library, Odan-Urr, was a student of the Praxeum and apprenticed to its long-time headmaster, Master Ooroo. Ooroo, a Celegian Jedi Master, served as the Praxeum's sole administrator until his death on Kirrek during the Great Hyperspace War. Even after the Great Library trumped its collections, the Praxeum served as a training ground for Jedi over the next millennia until its destruction during the Cron Supernova.

Layout and architectureEdit

Like many of the Jedi Order's sacred sites, the Ossus Praxeum was a grand ziggurat built of natural, local stone. Consisting of five distinct tiers, the contents of which reflected five core values of the Order that Master Odan-Urr would later refine into the most commonly recited Jedi Code. The base of the pyramid, was the largest and represented the all-encompassing nature of the Force. There, Jedi Masters instructed students exclusively in the manipulation of the Force and how to use it not only for defense, but for sustenance, insight, and to commune with nature. Above the ground level, the chambers of the Peace Level learned the art of combat and martial skills. Dojos, arenas, gyms, and weapon crafting areas were found on this level. Jedi pilgrims, Masters, and Initiates alike found quarter on the third level of the ziggurat, within the dormitories of the Serenity Level. Each dormitory complex was complimented by a suite of meditative balconies, pools, gardens, and dining halls.

Above the Serenity tier was the Harmony Level which was home to the meeting place of the Jedi Masters and a secondary Council Chamber, with the primary meeting hall located at Ashlanae. Spreading out from the Council Chamber were diplomatic suites and meditation halls which honeycombed the level. The fifth and upper moth tier was home to the great Archives of the Jedi, which contained the collective wisdom of the Jedi until the construction of the Great Library. Known as the Knowledge Level, every holocron, scroll and tome the Order treasured was kept here on the Stacks.



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