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A Jedi Researcher was one of many specialized titles a Jedi Knight could earn while pursuing the title of Jedi Consular. Working within the Jedi Order to improve the Jedi Archives through theory and science. Differing in their skills from the Jedi Lore Keepers, the role of the Researcher was outlined by Master Sabla-Mandibu.


Broken down into several specialists, the Researcher were highly qualified in their area of expertise, whether it be biology, archaeology, astronomy, philology or geology.[1]

Jedi archaeologist[]

Jedi archaeologist were Researchers specializing in the acquisition of knowledge related to the history of the galaxy and the Jedi Order. Working in the field with the Exploration Corps, archaeologists were all members of the Academy of Jedi Archaeology. With a special division set aside to xenoarchaeologists, the archaeologists were greatly active during the Great Sith War as they discovered ancient Sith artifacts in hopes of keeping them from the Sith.[3]

Jedi astronomer[]

A Jedi Astronomer uses the Force to perform astrogation tasks

The study of astronomy within the Order was particularly important, as these Jedi were responsible for plotting routes to secret Jedi-held planets, such as Ilum and Ossus. Because they were experts at locating black holes and quasars, Astronomers could often times be found traveling along the Outer Rim Territories plotting new routes, or in the Temple updating and maintaining the galaxy holomap displays.[1]

Jedi linguist[]

Those Jedi who studied philology, or language, were known as linguists. These individuals would endeavor to understand the ways that different species communicated with each other. A Chief Linguist during the Golden Age of the Old Republic, Master Jorus Trass was known for uncovering the secrets of the Tarasin Skintone Language, and detailing his research in the document entitled, Shades of Meaning.[4]

Jedi biologist[]

Experts in biology, these Researchers studied new species data received from the ExplorCorps. With great insight into the inner workings of alien flora and fauna, these Jedi were masters of Consitor Sato, a technique obtainable through mastery of the Force. Master Bowspritz was a famed biologist in the years following the Ruusan Reformation, contributing data on species strong in the Force to the guidebook, The Jedi Path.[1]

Jedi geologist[]

The geologists of the Jedi Order were experts in the field of geology and served in a similar capacity as the archeologists. Working closely with the Agricultural Corps, the geologists helped identify minerals in the soil that would be conducive for plant growth.[1] A unique event happened in 100 BBY when geologist Michael Tandre crash landed on the Mid Rim planet Orellon II. Teaching the native Kentra the ways of the Sword, Plow, and Spirit, Tandre created a peaceful religion known as the Holy Order of the Je'ulajists.[5]



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