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This article is about the Jedi rank. You may be looking for other seers.

A Jedi Seer was a specialized Jedi Knight who pursued the teachings of the Jedi Consulars.


Serving the Jedi Order as conduits to the Unifying Force, the Seers were responsible for receiving Force visions and interpreting them for the Jedi High Council and the Council of First Knowledge. Working closely with their brother and sister Lore Keepers, the Seers updated and provided new information to store in the holocrons of the Order. While nothing new by the time of the Ruusan Reformation, the ideals of the Seer were put in context within The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, a guidebook written by Jedi Masters to help aid Jedi Initiates to better understand the roles they would be able to pursue in the future. The section relating to the Jedi Seers was written by a member of their ranks, famed Seer Sabla-Mandibu.[1]

While Jedi could sometimes show aptitude in receiving visions from the Force, there were only a select few which had a propensity for having the vivid Force dreams of a Seer. Capable of feeling the very will of the Force and seeing distant events, Seers were a vital part of the Order, often serving as a first alert to impeding surges in the dark side. The Jedi Seers of the ancient past are responsible for the creations of many of the most well known stories of the Order. Those Seers capable of foretelling future events were dubbed Prophets, and were the group that wrote down the Prophecy of the Chosen One.[1]

In the years immediately following the Great Sith War, the retired Master Krynda Draay began training a secret group of Seers in order to prevent the rise of the dark side. Gathering Miraluka and other species gifted with Farsight she formed WatchCircles with the intent of foreseeing and stopping threats that may have endangered the Order. While her motives were based out of grief for the loss of her husband Barrison, she would have laid down her life to protect her beloved Jedi Order. However, her husbands aid and caretaker Haazen devised a sinister plot to collect all of the Sith artifacts located by the WatchCircles and hoard them, biding his time until he could destroy both Sith and Jedi. In the end, Haazen was destroyed and the Covenant disbanded, its members either killed, arrested, or in hiding following Haazen's failed attempt at Vindication.[3]

Following the reconstruction of the Order in the wake of the Great Jedi Purge, a Jedi Council of Seers was formed to foretell future events. The group saw the rise of Kol Skywalker and foretold that he would do great things for the Order.[4]



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