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The Jedi Sentinels were a group of Jedi that preferred working directly with the everyday citizens of the galaxy as opposed to contemplative meditation and study within the confines of a Jedi Temple.



A Gand Sentinel

Compared to Guardians and Consulars, Sentinels were Jedi who more often combined the Force with worldly skills (law, investigation, mechanical skills, etc.). Although they were not typically as martial as Jedi Guardians or Warriors, they were still capable combatants in their own right, distinguished by the manner in which they fought: quick to adopt new fighting styles and alternative weapons (even using blaster and projectile weapons). Throughout their history (prior to the destruction of the Jedi Order as a result of Order 66), Jedi Sentinels were among the most recognizable and accessible Jedi in the galaxy, as they often worked to solve more small-scale and community-oriented problems over larger political or military gains; many Sentinels took to roles such as private investigators or even acted as vigilantes from time to time to address issues created by corrupt law enforcement.[1]


While some sources were unclear, it is believed the Sentinel discipline was founded by Jedi Master Morrit Ch'gally when he was a member of the Acquisition Division within the Army of Light. This discipline would be active for countless millenia, acting as one of the most accessible Jedi in the galaxy.[1]

In 19 BBY,[2] shortly before the Clone Wars ended, the Jedi Order faced dissolution when Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66; the resulting ordinance nearly exterminated all of the Jedi throughout the galaxy and much like their colleagues, Sentinels suffered substantial losses. While survivors of the discipline roamed the galaxy, many were hunted by the Galactic Empire through both the Imperial Security Bureau and Inquisitorius, the latter the most dangerous to them. Many of them would retreat into hiding or acted as vigilantes for a time in hope of restoring the Jedi Order eventually. Despite their efforts, many of them were killed by Inquisitors, Imperial officers, and often faced betrayal by individuals and communities they once protected for credits or opportunities and favors in the Empire.[1]



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