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The Jedi Service Corps was an organization formed by the Council of Reassignment during the Old Republic era as an alternative to serving in the more traditional capacity of the Jedi Knights. Because it was run by the Jedi Order, the members of the Service Corps were all considered Jedi, though many of its members had failed to pass their Initiate Trials and therefore could not proceed in training at the Jedi academy.

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The Service Corps was considered an honorable alternative to serving in the Army of Light or the mainstream Order following the Ruusan Reformation and the defeat of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Organized under the Reassignment Council, the Corps was made up of four branches: the Agricultural Corps, the Medical Corps, the Educational Corps, and the Exploration Corps. Membership in each was voluntary and many ranking members of the Order joined, but if an Initiate had failed the Trials, the Council took care of assigning them based on different skills and requirements.[2]

Serving the Galactic Republic in different ways than a Knight would, the Service Corps members were no less important in the Order and helped countless star systems throughout its history. Following centuries of involvement in galactic affairs, the Corps was disbanded in 19 BBY when the Republic's Supreme Chancellor, in truth the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious ordered that the Grand Army of the Republic slaughter all Jedi in the galaxy. While many were killed, many more were rounded up and taken to Byss by the Sith Lord-turned-Emperor for conversion training. Those who would not convert to the dark side were killed, while many did in fact pledge loyalty to the Sith.[2]

When the Order was reestablished following the Galactic Civil War's conclusion, Grand Master Luke Skywalker opted not to rebuild the Corps; instead using information gathered from the ancient text, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, to blend its philosophies with that of the entire Order.[2]

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