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The Detention Center was a series of secure chambers located in the southwest quarter of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Established millennia before the Clone Wars to house captured Sith and their creatures, the Center would later be used to hold insolent members of the Jedi Order from minor to major infractions.[1] While the chambers would be destroyed during the Great Jedi Purge at the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Center would be reconstructed in the New Jedi Temple circa 35 ABY.[2]


Erected in some form shortly after the establishment of the Order's permanent presence on Coruscant, the Detention Center would hold prisoners during the Great Sith War and the Jedi Civil War.[1] While the Detention Center would be abandoned following the First Jedi Purge of 3954 BBY, the Order would reclaim the Temple soon after and hold it for several more centuries.[6]

The Detention Center again fell to the Sith when the resurgent Empire returned from the Unknown Regions to sack the capital and oust the Jedi from the Temple. The damage was too extensive to restore immediately, as the Galactic Senate too overstretched to be able to raise taxes to repair the Temple for several years.[3] However, the Temple was eventually rebuilt and the Detention Center was erected anew. After the New Sith Wars and the supposed extinction of the Sith the Detention Center would come to hold more non-Force-sensitive prisoners all of which would typically be turned over to the Coruscant Security Force after being debriefed and interrogated.[1]


The detention center during the Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars criminal Car Affa was apprehended by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and brought to the Detention Center for questioning by the Order's interrogators.[7] At the end of the war in 19 BBY the last Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, in his alter ego of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, ordered the Temple routed of all Jedi by the Grand Army of the Republic. Led by Darth Vader, the 501st Legion stormed the complex and carried out Sidious's orders to the letter.[4]

The ancient edifice would lay abandoned throughout the Galactic Civil War, falling apart over the decades. After Sidious was killed at the Battle of Endor and the Imperial forces were driven from Coruscant, the New Jedi Order retook the Temple for a time; though the Detention center went unused.[8] With the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Temple was damaged beyond repair and left to fall apart.[9]

Following the war the newly formed Galactic Alliance's Chief of State ordered the Temple rebuilt as a gift to the heroic New Jedi Order. Using blueprints recovered from the old Jedi Archives, the Reconstruction Authority erected a new Temple over the old foundations. Restored, the Detention Center would come to house Padawan's that misbehaved at the Temple and Dark Jedi.[2] Following the Dark Nest Crisis, the Order decided to house rogue Jedi Raynar Thul here, after he had been severely traumatized during his stay with the Killiks. While healing the young Knight the Jedi healers sealed Thul in the Center's Asylum Block, the collection of rooms designed to house seriously neurologically damaged individuals.[10]

During the Second Galactic Civil War in 41 ABY, Ben Skywalker infiltrated the laundry chute in the fourth level training center's changing room on the instruction of Apprentice Seha Dorvald. Dorvald had told him that she was relaying these instructions from Skywalker's Master, Jacen Solo. Skywalker was hesitant on entering the shaft, as rumor persisted that they were equipped to dump any living beings in the shaft into the Detention Center.[2]

Two years later, the Asylum Block would become home to the Knights who were stricken with an enigmatic madness. As more Knights were put in the chambers, Raynar Thul was finally able to reintegrate into the Temple community. Following his capture by the members of Darkmeld, Knight Seff Hellin was locked away here so as to be studied more carefully by Chief Healer Cilghal. Shortly after Hellin was secured here, fellow Knights Natua Wan, Yaqeel Saav'etu, and Bazel Warv were all forced into the Block after going insane. However, they did not stay long as increased pressure on the Order to turn them over to Chief Natasi Daala forced the Jedi to act. Knight Leia Organa Solo kidnapped the insane Jedi without the knowledge of the Jedi High Council and transported them to the Jedi academy in the Transitory Mists.[11]


Located in the southwest quarter of the Temple, the Detention Center was a large area established on the level above the Room of a Thousand Fountains and below the Halls of Healing. Made up of several different specialized facilities and blocks, the Detention Center was a huge complex. The exterior chambers were lit with a harsh orange light and were used to house Sith, Dark Jedi, and their Sithspawn. Designed to withstand the powers of the dark side of the Force, most of the chamber was reinforced with Force and lightsaber resistant metals as well as being encased in ray shield cover.

Less secure rooms, simple holding chambers were built to hold non-Force-sensitives, as well as Jedi apprentices that had broken Temple rules and needed to be held until a ranking Jedi could issue a just punishment. The laundry shafts in the Temple were designed to capture any living beings that entered the chute and deposit them within a holding room in the Center.[2]

The Asylum Block of the Temple Detention Center was a comfortable two-story transparisteel cube located in its own blue-lit atrium, completely encased in a barrier field. The entire structure was surrounded by olbio trees which were home to the Force-negating ysalamiri, a feature that cost the Order quite a large sum of credits. Upon approach, a small golden access point would form in the barrier field, admitting Jedi into the facility after a retinal scan was performed. A path between two rows of olbio trees led to a control room that contained equipment and security controls used to maintain the entire facility. A commissary was located within the block, access to which was attainable only if a patient was escorted by a healer. A turbolift ran the height of the Block, granting access to the second story catwalk. Each of the cells were designed with comfort in mind, aside from the lack of privacy afforded by the transparisteel walls; though the room's refreshers were located behind a privacy curtain. Equipped with bolted-down flowform seating and holograhic entertainment centers in the main living area and a small bed in each resting chamber, the cells were more or less apartments whose tenants could not leave. Each room's door was magnetically sealed, making it impervious to any tricks that a Force-impaired captive might employ. Electronic speakers were installed on the catwalk-side of the cells so that anything the patients might say would be broadcast to the healer standing watch.[11]



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