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The Safe Room of the Coruscant Jedi Temple was the most secured conference chamber within the complex. It was within this chamber that the most sensitive information was shared without fear of surveillance or recording devices.


Erected within the Jedi Temple circa 1000 BBY, the safe room was used by the Jedi High Council when discussing the most sensitive information.

During a series of robberies at the Temple in 44 BBY Grand Master Yoda issued Emergency Code Fourteen, summoning Jedi Masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl to the conference room for a status update. Within the hour the Healing Crystals of Fire had been stolen by an unidentified thief and the two Jedi were tasked with finding him. Later, after it was revealed that Padawan Chun was responsible, Yoda summoned Jinn back to the chamber to receive a message from his ex-Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi who was currently on Melida/Daan. Kenobi had left the Order in an attempt to assist the Young, a resistance group trying to end the conflict that threatened to destroy the entire population to the last man and woman. However one of the Young's leaders, Cerasi, was dead and Kenobi needed help. While Yoda sent a response, Jinn left the Temple to go to Kenobi's aid.[3]

Returning to the Temple with Kenobi, Jinn went to the conference chamber to be informed that the High Council was holding a shipment of crystalline vertex for the Galactic Senate. Fearful that the vertex was the true target of the true master behind the attacks on the Temple, the Dark Jedi Xanatos, Jinn began to set up the end game that would lead to Xanatos' capture.[4]

The secure chamber would survive until the end of the Clone Wars when, in 19 BBY, the Grand Army of the Republic was ordered to seize the Temple and route all those within.[2] The chamber, damaged, would stand abandoned throughout the Galactic Civil War until the catastrophe of the Lusankya saw the collapse of the five towers of the Temple and the utter destruction of the safe room.[5]


Located high within Tranquillity Spire, the safe room was a circular chamber devoid of furnishings and windows. Equipped with a highly-sophisticated scanning device, the room was completely secured against listening devices and monitoring technology. Sterile white in color, the room also sported a state-of-the-art holoprojector that filled the center of the chamber with life-sized real-time images from far-flung worlds.


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