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The Jedi Temple Sparring Arena, also known as the Combat Training Chamber, was a large chamber located deep within the walls of the Coruscant Jedi Temple. While destroyed during the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Temple and the arena were reconstructed for use by the reformed Order.


Constructed within the Jedi Temple sometime after its reconstruction in 1000 BBY, the Sparring Arena was used for nearly a millennia as the site of the annual Apprentice Tournament.[2] In addition to the contest, the room was used as a combat training center just as any other training facility at the Temple.[3]

It was within this chamber during the 19 BBY Tournament that Jedi Master Ilena Xan led that year's senior apprentices in the contest, a group which included Jedi apprentices Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, Whie Malreaux, Hanna Ding, Lena Missa, and several others.[2]

Soon after the final Tournament, the Grand Army of the Republic was ordered to seize the Temple following a "Jedi Rebellion" against the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. Thousands of clone troopers raided the Temple and slaughtered all of the Jedi within. The Arena was left in ruins, and fell into disuse.[1] The Temple sat in the hands of the Galactic Empire throughout the Galactic Civil War, virtually empty excluding the small occupying force of stormtroopers. It was not until the New Republic drove the Empire off Coruscant that the Temple was reclaimed by the reformed Jedi Order. Leading the small group of Jedi, Luke Skywalker briefly occupied the Temple and routed the Empire's agents still stationed there. While making use of the facility for several years, it was eventually abandoned again during the Yuuzhan Vong War when it was reduced to rubble.[4]

When the Galactic Alliance reclaimed Coruscant, Chief of State Cal Omas ordered the restoration of the Temple on behalf of the valiant Order and their sacrifices during the war. Built by the Reconstruction Authority, the Temple was rebuilt and the Sparring Arena restored. Once more used for lightsaber training, Grand Master Skywalker brought his son, Ben, here during the Second Galactic Civil War to test whether or not Knight Jacen Solo was providing adequate instruction.[5]


A bowl-shaped chamber deep within the Temple, the vault was completely white, with white mats spread amongst the floor near the wall for spectators to sit and observe.[2] The center or the chamber was used for combat and was typically kept bare, however, balance beams, swings, and wobble and foamsteel balls, along with other distractions, could be littered around the chamber.[5]

From the upper level control booth, a Jedi or tech operator could set the room to one of five settings. Changes in the room included fluctuating gravity, change in interior lighting, temperature manipulation, as well as more varied weather and other variables. The room was equipped with a safety shield that would catch any apprentices who lost balanced and fell from a dangerous height. The shield projector was located in the floor so that it could cover the entire chamber.[5]


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