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"I am ready to face the Trials."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[1]

The Jedi Trials were a process that Padawans of the Jedi Order took in order to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight. During the trial, Padawans must go through nine steps of trial: teamwork, isolation, fear, anger, betrayal, focus, instinct, forgiveness, and protection.[2] Jedi typically completed their trials in their young adult years,[source?] with some Jedi passing their trials as early as their teenage years.[3]

Jedi Trials could take the form of a task assigned to the Padawan by the master or simply be a matter of circumstance where the master believed the Padawan had proved themselves.[4][5] Keeve Trennis' Jedi Trials took the form of a task assigned by her master Sskeer, which was to claim a Tythonian pendant from the top of the Needles, a group of rock pillars that many had failed to ascend over millennia.[5]

After being acquitted on evidence of the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar during her trial, the Jedi Council pardoned the expelled Padawan Ahsoka Tano and offered to bring her back into the Order. Plo Koon assured Tano that she had the Council's most humble apologies, to which his colleagues stated that the Force worked in mysterious ways. Ultimately, they considered Tano's ordeal in hindsight as being her great trial, making her a greater Jedi and proving herself worthy of becoming a Jedi Knight. However, Tano refused and instead left the Order.[4][6]



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